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    1 – Vince Young (U of Texas) running across the goalline to win the 2006 Rose Bowl against USC. Huge Texas fan growing up and was incredible seeing them beat the dynasty from Southern Cal.

    2 – 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers winning the title against Golden State Warriors: The Block, The Shot, The Stop. The most impressive finals victory in NBA history IMO.

    3 – Michael Vick Mania: Beating the Minnesota Vikings with the epic run to win in overtime and winning in Green Bay in the 2003 playoffs. Growing up in Atlanta, Vick Mania was like nothing else.

    4 – Andruw Jones (Atlanta Braves) makes an incredible acrobatic catch into the wall against the Houston Astros August 9, 1999. The player I looked up to the most defensively growing up in Atlanta (Griffey Jr. second of course).

    5 – Summer of ‘98: Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire home run race was special as a young kid getting into baseball. Every day, I’d wake up and watch Sportscenter or read the papers to see who homered the night before.

    What are yours?…

  2. Sports betting is a scam. It's one of the worst things to bet money on. The house has so much of an advantage. I really wish I could run my own sports betting firm. I bet $100 last week and got free bets this week. Everything I bet on, I lose. If I were to bet on anything that would win, I would win peanuts. I don't know why people do it, honestly.

  3. There ARE 2 and 3 and 4 team teasers(Wong Teaser) at very specific odds played on key point spreads that are in fact legitimately mathematical "Advantage Plays". They are the 1 sharp play that recreational bettors can take advantage of. Books try to protect themselves by changing the traditional payouts of teasers and quickly moving the line away from key numbers – but the plays are out there if you look for them.

  4. You can win and in fact make a living; making much much more than than in stock market. The issue is currently only a small percentage; 1-2% possibly less; that actually win above the 53% clip consistently. It's a 14hr a day job and must be good at math. In my experience 2 types : "Street" Guys who can mathematically handicapp and can watch a screen and predict the steam (momentum); a skill only acquired through years of experience. Now, there are of ton of masters and PhD level economics guys calculating value and momentum with fucking quantum computers 😄 Both types can barely overcome the vigorish and break even. I believe there will be more of these PhD types with advanced models that will phase out the 1% of "street" guys who win and make the market even harder to beat As bettors advance so does the Books and multiply that factor by making it harder for you to get money down. No one can buy picks from Touts and overcome the Vig.

  5. Sportscards are legit btw if you know what you do chances are way higher then with sports betting. I wouldn't tell you sh about it cause I was attacked by all the sheeps that came in with gary vee and vegas dave when I tried to save them. Sure buy a printrun of 100k + cards and act like you got some special cause vegas dave and gary told you. Hqppy you lost money in my space you basards

  6. Only gambling I’ve done was table games at casinos!! Maybe a couple dozen times over a decade lol. Played online one time and turned 25 into 481 in a night. Cashed out and took off lol

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