21 thoughts on “Sports Betting 101: How do you bet on MLB (Baseball Betting Tips)?

  1. A Single Pitcher From Which Team To Pitch For Whole Match And Prevent The Opposing Team From Scoring A Run (Result After 9 Innings)

    What does this about option mean in baseball please?

  2. mlb this week hasnt been to kind have to many 1 leg loses this week

    today almost had me almost break my remote lol
    3 games won but orirles only won by 1-0 i had line -1.5 i shoulda just took $1.64 win & had $20 on it not wasted any money on 1st innings got cheeky had first innings bet wasnt even close

    i felt sick coz something told me to do totals run over under i woulda had a totals coz all of it was 4.0-4.5 over they all scored 5+ runs

    but definitly have had unlucky run with 1leg loses

    but have made profit $1000+

    i gotta do 1-2 mlb bets 2moro
    definitly tryin grind it out can take a toll all week doin 1-2 mlb bets unlucky then waitin next day seein 1leg again & again almost started spendin it on dog races with 4hrs sleep definitly seen the valurnability bettin slow 1-2 bets a day can take a toll mentally especially if its 1legs often

    $70 left have taken out some already
    i need a rest from it tho nba,nhl,nfl,europe rugby etc is almost up

    but mlb 2nd week doin this to me i need a bath & some good weed to chill at uz r lucky uz have dispensaries shops for weed its professionally sold i would recommend to bettors or people have experienced such trama like seeing alot of 1legs can keep u at eaz
    ive sat there watchin my bet lose before even earlier today in nrl warriors vs rabbits 48-10 they didnt score over 12points i changed it coz of minor line up changes to rabbits over 32points was $1.97 they score 36points in the 1st half lol

    anyways back to mlb at the moment mlb is my best chance i like to divide it into others tho
    but $70 left 1 mls & all rest mlb

    1 thing i dont like is pitchin changes i like to use powerplay day before at times with others next day i save but that gets me at times
    i have bout 4 mlb hats i just found some i had years ago when i didnt even know mlb just like my caps but definitly am a fan of it not most entertainning just like the fixture & that u can profit from next year im raise alot on parlays for mlb
    i wana have more hoildays & not need 9-5 for 4-5days a week time given for such rates like $25 per hour isnt worth it so internally that eats away at it that u know it isnt worth it & some duties arent healthy so raise in 2023 is must
    + with arthitis it is thought of twice as much the job πŸ™‚

    mlb is one of my favourite sports for gambling even tho 1legs i stil like it im stil profti $2000+ for last 1-2mnths gambling reguardles 1leg loses in mlb
    i dont know technique side of it yet but am stil winning once i do i'l talk to mlb fans more & more bout game itself makes better feelin when winnin knowin the game itself
    & definitly mentally can wear u down rest is needed or some good weed for 1leg loses at mlb but mls has helped at times with others
    but stil have faith in it
    im gona make more accounts when i raise soon & get me some display screens & sortin out facts & puttin everything down documenting everything especially raising money & knowin more sports in future i want it pro like

  3. over and under is hard as balls. I like betting on the money line favorites on a two team parlay for even money. NFL do not give over 3 points in a game.

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