45 thoughts on “How Barney Curley Made +£2 Million Betting on Horse Racing in One Day | Yellow Sam Coup

  1. No the phone call was to stop bookies to hedge bets off the tracks. And another time was at a track in the borders someone used the phone to stop the result coming through on the plower to all so call bookies in towns so then chaps like my friends put money on the horse that one 5min earlier. And it was more than what u said ok

  2. Why is everyone applauding this cheat that traded on inside information? And do you really believe that Yellow Sam wasn't deliberately held back in its previous races? Don't forget that barney will have cheated other punters out of their money on that day. Bookies are bad but Barnie is no better.

  3. I see no one in the comments section here backed any of his runners in the many 'prep' races for these betting coups.

    I remember a horse (rated mid 70s) was transfered to his yard and a well-known tipster said "the BHA could save us all a lot of time and money and just drop the horse 15 lbs now". Sums it up pretty well for me.

    I won't say what I really think but there's more to this than just Curley v the bookies. There's a third party involved in the shape of 1000s of punters who were short changed along the way.

    Let's not brand his as some sort of hero.

  4. The biggest crooks in the racing game have to be the paid tipsters!
    I won on a horse that was getting 40/1 for the win. Everyone was going crazy for this horse that had been winning on wet tracks for months. there was only one horse that could do any thing on a dry track. Biggest win I have ever got

  5. close to being a genius but not a punters pal or nothing .. he was all for himself and only himself ..no body would bet in the race if one of his was running … he was very friendly with lots of flat and jump jockeys … very very close shall we say …. but a certain g bradley was not having any of his im the boss crap …. he mentioned a friend of his a mr white and big bad barney soon hushed up and went away … the conversation was taped . very interesting to say the least ,

  6. Shame we don't really have people like this in racing anymore…I guess Harry Findlay is a character but never again will we see another Barney curly

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