14 thoughts on “NHL Picks, Predictions and Betting Odds | Daily NHL Preview | ๐Ÿ’ Puck Time for November 3

  1. Kevin takes the devils but he doesnโ€™t take Boston! Bro itโ€™s the same position imo..

    If youโ€™re taking Boston youโ€™re taking devils.. Iโ€™d go with the over as well buster!

  2. I ainโ€™t touching Florida that lost us last time buster. Plus Iโ€™m ridin Boston w plus money until they lose they r team to beat I think this year

  3. Boys, great show, Rogers Place will be rocking and rolling tonight, Big celebration induction to EHHOF , Ryan Smyth, Lee Fogolin in the House, including some past HHOF Players, the joint will be rockingโ€ฆ.Best Bet is Oilers in Regulation, should be a fast fun game to watch on a dull Thursday Winter night in Edmontonโ€ฆโ€ฆLetโ€™s Go!!!!

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