44 thoughts on “DRAKE WINS $12 MILLION ON ROULETTE! #shorts #drake #gambling #stake #onlinecasino

  1. Y’all better stay away from this and don’t follow these clowns who get paid to deceive you. A good way to stop gambling is add up all your losses each month. Accountability is key.

  2. For all you new players, please believe us when we say this is all fake. Yes, drake is super rich and he can play this amount in real life if he wants too. But this is all promoted and those money that he’s winning is actually fake.

  3. This only happens when i put the bet and i stop ball ,mostly happens at my home roulette lol 😂 sponsered videos also same . evolution you should change your cheap tricks people are not mad

  4. It’s funny that kids think this stuff is real !!! He is sponsored by the betting site and will collect huge amounts of what you loose !! It’s sad how much social media sites allow scammers to scam there victims.. if you talk about stuttering joe there algorithms shut you down but they have no problem with scammers stealing millions from children as long as they get there cut

  5. No for a fact they do that wit a.i tables one time I dead started with 4 dollars and cashed out at 1500 thre years later I picked up a real nasty gambling addiction thank God I never mortgage the farm bur lost more then I won I don't gamble anymore …

  6. Shut up, no gives a shit. I'm been in shifty positions due my choices and I don't make excuses. Ppl are just straight bitch made and I don't feel bad for them. Enough info that's it their fault

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