5 thoughts on “America's Day at the Races – November 11, 2022

  1. It's fascinating, that in most of the sloppy races today, at both tracks, there's been one horse that breaks away, gaining substantial separation after turning into the stretch (a bit like belly-surfing the crest of a wave 😅), and apparently loving it! But only one. Strange. Is there a slop-lover's gene? Maybe they're working on that at Cornell U, eh Rick? 😁 You guys were funny, roasting 'somebody' with "I have a diploma." 🤣

    ps. There's something about the intrepid mare, Sgt Reckless, that contrasts wildly with the Gen Pub's 'idea' about Thoroughbreds; ie, skittish, high-strung, delicate, persnickity, just wants to 'run fast,' and that's the extent of their aspirations and abilities. Woah. …Reckless apparently needed to get from Korea to California the hard way…but sheesh, whomever named her was SO off the mark. As a warrior, she was scanning the field, like Patton, from that lookout tower, then threading the needle, carrying 3800 lbs of ordnance, multiple times! Quite the disconnect between Reality, and Scripted Reality. 🙃

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