37 thoughts on “Casino Boss Breaks Down Gambling Scenes from Movies | GQ

  1. Casinos shouldn't have the right to refuse service to card counters. You can't offer customers to play a game and then punish thr customer for doing well and playing by your rules. This is why back offs based on card counting are illegal in Missouri.

  2. Speaking of bad beats.. aces full of jacks vs quad jacks. Or better yet runner runner when 1 card had 2 chances out of the deck and the other there was only 1 in the deck. Used to ridiculous poker hands here.

  3. I hate "Casino" more and more as each year passes. It was a poor attempt to re-create the success of "Goodfellas". The central character–Sam "Ace" Rothstein wasn't sympathetic at all, a common trait of his tribe.

  4. You know… he kept saying “we can’t do this”, “we are not allowed to do that”… “we can’t use a cattle prod to take a suspect…”
    No man. you SHOULDN’T use a cattle prod, not CAN’T

  5. Love how he vociferously aid "I'm not aware of any underground casinos but I see some get busted on the news sometimes". The way he looked away was epic. But kudos to him. Great vid

  6. Great line: "Card counting books have made the casinos make millions" because so many amateurs have read them confident they can beat the house but really they will lose their shirts trying. Professional card counters that are publicly known (Ken Uston, etc.) main source of income is selling books, charging for courses, etc., not playing blackjack for himself in casinos. They are too well recognized by casino operators to not have himself thrown out of them. The very best skilled counters never draw attention to themselves, and never "share their secrets", they just remain unknown so as to not spoil a good thing.

  7. I guess the dealer speaks so much in 'Casino Royale' because there are spectators in the room and is basically letting everyone know what's happening on the table.

  8. Hang on, hé started to talk about the myth of pumping oxygen into the room. Hé just said it doesn't happen. But I've never heard of that. I'd like to know what thé benefit of that was supposed to be. I wish hé would have talked a little more about it.
    Anybody know why people used to think that happened and what would be the advantage to the casino if they DID do it ?
    Thanks for posting this by the way, very interesting little vid.

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