37 thoughts on “Record Breaking BONUS & JACKPOT On Sky Ryder Deluxe Slot Machine

  1. Barev Ranger,
    I am new to your channel. In a previous video you mentioned on line gambling and how they don't care about people
    I just wanted to say you are correct.
    I had down loaded some games for my grandpa, that I thought free but the credit card was not to be charged it was supposed to be for verification purposes only .
    Well each time my grandpas card was charged 50¢ , (fifty cents) like 30 times is only $15 however the $15 cost him an extra $450 alone that doesn't include the other overdraft fees for other charges that hit the same time well it does not end just yet because once the overdraft was exsausted payments that were re curing from his account for his bills were rejected $2549.in the home.
    I have tried to contact the merchants number that is provided to his bank, however they have not responded.
    If we can get a reversal the bank said they would consider to return a few OD charges. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how I can go about getting their attention?

  2. NG this would be a good game to play with Daniel (vegaslowroller). I think he would enjoy this one. I love you two playing together, you seem to have a great time and we can feel that.

  3. Congratulations ng I love sky rider it's a good game. Keep up the amazing great wins have a wonderful weekend take care an stay safe 💰☘️💰☘️💰☘️💰☘️🍷🍷👍

  4. Hola. Me gusta que muestre pérdidas y ganancias, pues así no genera falsas expectativas a los que nunca han jugado. En el casino casi siempre se pierde, esa es mi experiencia.
    Felicidades y saludos desde México.

  5. Wow, Fantastic comeback,
    All those powerful free spins, you are such a Gentleman when playing
    Thanks so much
    Jillybean wolflady from Kansas

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