43 thoughts on “Shetland Pony Race!

  1. Do any of you guys have a shell in Pony in your backyard cuz I do and I ride it every single day to my friend's house and I even let her ride it.

  2. Wtf that’s a complete myth that they can carry twice their body weight. Horses are all built the same and can ONLY CARRY 15-20% of their total body weight before it causes pain and damage. TWICE THEIR WEIGHT?!?! It’s a horrific myth slash stereotype. Every single video of a full grown man careening around on a 2 foot tall pony is literally crushing that animal. It struggles to breath, struggles to move, tears muscles and ligaments and can even break bones.

  3. I have a horse Tho.Her name is Belle.she is a pinto and she’s an adult horse.Well she’s aggressive and smart all though. i had bumps scratch’s cuts from falling off.But i’m the only one who knows how to ride her and calm her

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