21 thoughts on “How I made $10,000 Positive EV Sports Betting with OddsJam

  1. Your bets arent by stats only by EV and CLV? I am a little confused. I noticed you made a bet depending on the margin of the market width. Then I saw the Kyrie points under and you said you may cash out because the CLV is in the red. Basically, it is based off of market width instead of the stats, correct?

  2. What is your rationale for using a full 100% kelly bet sizing? That seems pretty aggressive. Most things I've read always suggest a fractional kelly (if at all) such as 10% or 20% of the full kelly.

  3. I'm at over 3100 bets. I've accumulated $4,000 in expected value. My actual profit is $120. I peaked in late December and have been losing ever since. I trust the math and the system, but I think I'm just going through some rough variance.

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