1. Hey, i have some questions:

    Are you still doing this strategy?

    If so, Whats ur current sample size?
    Is it profitable over a really large sample? (another comment here said all his profits were eventually lost).

    Has anything changed in the strategy, or is this video all thats needed?

  2. I did 25 today at £1 each and one has already landed at 68. The first day I did it a 130 came in. I know it’s early days but I’m £198 up after two attempts. This could be the best thing I’ve ever come across.

  3. I’ve been on the wrong side of winning lay bets and you are right, it’s mental torture, it’s like being a rabbit in the headlights as you see that red getting bigger and bigger.
    Can I ask how long you have been doing this?
    Its definitely a more relaxing way to have a punt.

  4. Just seen this vid. Just checked todays results in uk/usa. There would have been 69 qualifiers @ odds of 50.0 bsp minimum on betfair. 1 winner @ 116.05

  5. I've been doing this for one month now. Had a great start with a few 100/1 and over wins. One 150/1 was 400 on Betfair. Been taking prices at BSP. But since then all profits have almost dwindled away. Looks like Betfair price is the actual price and there is no edge after all 😔

  6. been paper trading this last night and this morning, ran the results over about 350 bets over 9 days and it is profitable. Now betfair has a £1 minimum stake I will be trying this out in march. I think 140 points is much safer than 100 because in testing i got close to 100 points, and went over by 6 once. Excited!

  7. Hi there, thanks for this idea. I'm in Australia, i decided to monitor your idea yesterday, Saturday so recorded every bet at every meeting here. Ended up with a 53 unit loss. Back into it today and after 34 bets a winner hit paying $173 so can really see the points you have made. Will put it into play from tomorrow, i'm able to bet every race to jump time as i'm a pensioner who has lived for racing since 6yo's old so outside of my family, it's the love of my life. Will keep you updated and thanks again:)

  8. I was very sceptical being a long time punter using speed figures, the market , info, etc etc but never making any long term profits over a 59 year period. Of course I have had winners and made some good profits but like most punters to keep building profits is almost impossible.
    I haven’t started to bet with this but today 31/05/2021 100/1 so winner and 200/1 sp winner. No idea what price they were on Betfair or how many bets as there were a few meetings today being bank holiday. But even so I would guess massive profits for small stakes. I think it is interesting to say the least as this is a method whereby you are doing the opposite of what most punters do therefore by definition t has to be good.

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