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  1. Chilling stuff. I've always thought maybe the whole thing about loot boxes was overblown because so often video games have been blamed for all problems with kids, but clearly it is way more widespread than I realised. A significant chunk of the issue seems to be that if all your friends are doing it, all the cool kids are doing it, all the streamers you watch do it, you're going to want to do it too just to be involved in the conversation. And if all these people are doing it, it must be fine. As they say about alcoholics, it's not just about stopping drinking, it's about losing all the friends you drink with and quitting your main hobby. That takes a lot of guts and determination, even if you recognise you have a problem.

  2. I find it interesting how well the second video about Roblox did in comparison to this one. I feel like gamers are okay with criticizing a games company that caters to kids, but less enthusiastic when it comes to something they actually use. Valve is mysterious, alluring even, whereas the Roblox corporation is pretty transparent. But essentially, they do the same things as one other.

  3. This is a big part of why I make sure to buy steam games from third party key resellers instead because Valve doesn't make any money off of them. It's also why I'm more than happy to see Epic come in and provide another alternative to Valve's storefront. Valve absolutely needs to shut down the steam marketplace and also disable trading of virtual steam items. If they do this it puts them in line with basically every other publishers' MTX systems which I can live with but the current state of things is as rotten as it gets.

  4. It's unfortunate people get addicted, I guess it has something to do with winning a few times cause when I was younger I tried gambling a few times but it was the 90's so not on a website or anything like this and every single time I lost. it wasn't a lot of money or anything but just like that guy said in the video, money has a much larger value to you as a child and that seeded in me a strong fear of ever gambling at anything cause I feel like it's pointless, I'll always lose. Even playing gambling mini games on like GTA with fake in game money causes me anxiety. I hope this doesn't cause any backlash on the steam market cause I am in strong support of allowing players to exchange in game items with each other. I paid my bills one month selling in game items I grinded for to other players, however that game was not on steam and they banned me for selling in game items for real money which confused me but I guess it's cause of this kinda crap which is frustrating since I worked hard for those items, they weren't loot crate rewards they were earned in the game. This is a complicated problem cause in the end I'm worried cause of the scope these sites are at it'll be almost impossible to police it and thus they may turn to methods like that other game platform did and just blanket ban anyone selling game items for money or some other over the top measure that hurts players who aren't involved in any of this.

    Updating this after watching more. I do wholeheartedly oppose loot boxes. Guess it's my anxiety of gambling but I can't stand them and never buy them. Just like when I played trading card games I hated packs and never bought them. I would instead buy individual cards or starter decks. Things where I know what I'm getting.

  5. I want you guys to check out RecRoom. It has a similar concept to Roblox but it’s even worse than what Roblox can be, I wanted to make a video myself because I’ve been playing it for 4-5 years but I don’t have any skills in research unlike you.

    Just like my comment if you want to see it happen people, because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

  6. One of my old high school buddies used to drop a couple thousand dollars a week, and frequently lost it. I think he does still do skin betting today. Thank you for making this video and hopefully valve will be held accountable for this mess

  7. I agree with valve here, not their problem to solve, all they need is support for parental controls. It’s easy to sympathize with the argument, but really when you peel the onion this argument boils down to parents don’t give a shit about their kids gambling, people like to play horrible games, and toss money away on digital beanie babies. Some individual accountability is deeply needed here. Just wait until OP figures out how options trading work, is he going to do a multi part series taking down Fidelity?

  8. I kinda get upset that you call all digital collectables NFTs. Everquest, Gaia Online, Neo Pets, all had this kinda thing. Physical collectables existed before them too. But, that's one way to explain them I suppose.

  9. I really couldn't care less. They've done enough; the 7-day trade hold on all items traded (which already cut down significantly on gambling and tradebots) already ruined trading for me, I'd rather not have VALVe handicap more features that work well and are used for positive things by 95% of the community just to save some chumps their money and to stop 5% of the community that use those features for negative things. We as a society shouldn't be policing ourselves and removing rights, freedoms, and services to stop an extreme minority of us from harming ourselves, especially when almost everything can be abused in some shape or form.

  10. This stuff + sports betting is going to absolutely get the younger generations addicted to gambling and nobody seems to care, I'm only 30 and the concept of gambling has always been that it's sketchy or illegal, and I wasn't sheltered, I did drugs and did my fair share of dumb shit, it just wasn't nearly as much of a thing as it is now. They got kids starting with videogames, moving to sports betting, then to regular casinos and it's somehow legal.

    I even see more "Gaming Lounges" pop up at gas stations and restaurants and whatnot, which are just mini casino's with a handful of computerized slots and shit, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills and gambling has completely gone mainstream.

  11. This is a great video and it is clear that these companies can't be trusted to do the right thing so they need legislation to make them do it. I guess Valve don't encourage morals if they hurt profits.

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