24 thoughts on “Top 5 Sports Betting Beginner Mistakes to AVOID | How to Win Sports Betting

  1. Why isn't Nord vpn working for fanduel. Keeps kicking me out. Saying to try again after 2 hours?. Even after switching devices. New email and still the same shit. How is it registering me still? I literally turned off everything on my phone.

    Does it really require a computer ?

  2. does the course provide actual info or a tool to find a positive EV bet like on oddsjam where they compare to a very accurate bookie? In Australia what even is that bookie?

  3. Hi Shane without you strategy I placed 26 parlays all at 50 cent bets 3/26 parlays hit i earned $34 with those 3 wins. Over all I paid $13 for 26 bets and had a $21 profit. I’d like to imply your strategy to my betting maybe it’ll increase my odds

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  6. I've been unit betting and aiming for 10% ROI. I'm up nearly 60 units over the span of around 600 wagers. I do a parlay every once in a while but I cut the unit size down to half knowing that the odds are exponentially against me.

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