35 thoughts on “Seabiscuit – Final Race

  1. This movie scene makes me cry. I had a riding accident a few years back and broke or fractured 13 bones, dislocated my hip and punctured my lung. I still own the horse and use her as a packhorse and do groundwork with her. She actually is a lovely mare and the accident was my fault, not hers. Getting on a green broke horse without a saddle or bridle was just never really a good idea…

  2. Sea biscuit lost 17 races before he became a champion. His trainer never lost hope in him and tapped into his very soul to bring out the best he ever was .

  3. RIP and long live Red Pollard (October 27, 1909 – March 7, 1981), aged 71
    RIP and long live Seabiscuit (May 23, 1933 – May 17, 1947), aged 14
    You both will always be remembered as legends.

  4. I do drag racing in my time off, and let me tell you, the price of just one of these horses could out expend every expense I would ever spend on a 30 year career. I’m glad I’m not a jockey, and I’m glad I’m not an owner of one of these horses.

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