40 thoughts on “How To Avoid Losing In Sports Betting! (5 Easy-To-Follow Steps)

  1. that one point about parlays is 200% true man i’ve lost countless multis, no matter what i am always in loss.. and i take memberships of tipsters, thats a waste too, its just throwing money down the drain.

  2. I started out with 100€ and every month i added 100€ to my payroll. I think its better to start with less money because that really teaches you some serious discipline whrn you bet 1-3€ / bet and you wait and you wait till the next month comes around and you can add 100 more to your payroll and up your stakes to 2-6€/ bet.

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  4. If you see Nhl totals where it reads +100, is there a reason why a total would be plus?? usually arent they mostly Even, just curious if theres a reason oddsmakers do this, please help thank you

  5. A lot of good points in this video yet again. You guys reached me a lot of good stuff over time which holds true more often than not. However, I do like to think that 100 is big enough for a bankroll to play with if you stay disciplined and don't do more than 10 bucks per bet. Ideally, you wanna bet 5 each if you just started betting.

  6. Hi sir, i am from asia, in asia sport betting actually if we lose will added tax around 15%.. Can we still profit consistent use your money managemennya straight bet with 3% size unit? Thx sir

  7. Plain and simple, I just haven't had the discipline to come out on top. I learned from you the way to do it…but I just haven't done it. Even when I had the proper bankroll…I just let the adrenaline/rush get to me and ended up going down. Wayyyy down. 4-5% singles. That's the key.

  8. You legit bro your videos really be helping me out. Because I’m low key addicted to this game and I’m been having a hard time because I can’t get out of the parlay mindset

  9. I see a lot of negative comments online saying that you shouldn't do sports betting as a career but as a hobby lol its so demotivating. Do you still think it's possible though? I'm confident in my skills and knowledge btw

  10. But I love parlays 😭 my bank roll isn’t big enough for singles. My goal is to get it up there. Live singles will get you paid especially a close college basketball game or a nba game with an underdog leading and still an underdog. Great video 💪🏾

  11. I already hit my goal of 10 Units. Up 15Units this month by February 10th. Since then I’ve gone down to limited plays (2 a day) and half units. But I’ve hit both plays every day since then. Should I keep betting or just close out this month up 15U

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