39 thoughts on “Wild Horse Racing

  1. HORSE RACING IS FUCKING ABUSE. First of all, the riders have a shocker in their hand, they use this if the horse isn’t going as fast as they would like. Secondly, they inject illegal drugs into them to make them go faster. Thirdly, they use VERY HARSH bits and tug on the horses mouth. Horses skin is very thin and sensitive so if you are using a bit, use a light one and have soft hands. As we know everyone has used a whip, they can be useful if you use them properly. Jockeys smack the horses, like I said before a horses skin is very thin. There is videos of people practicing the whip on peoples legs and you can see the massive bruise it leaves. Whips are good if you gently tap the horse. YOU SHOULD NOT HEAR A SMACK. There are many videos of horses breaking their legs and whatever and are still forced to run. A male horse is a stallion or a gelding depending if it’s castrated, a girl is a mare. They are called this over the age of 4, under the age of 4 is a filly (girl foal) and a colt (boy foal) you should NEVER ride a horse under 4 years of age. You shouldn’t even be riding them at 4. When they are 4 you bring them into work. For example, practicing putting a saddle on. Jockeys race these horses at 2 when they are still a foal and should still resting and not broken in. Why do people think this is ok? SPREAD THIS MESSAGE!

  2. WHATS GOING ON WITH YOU, WHATS WRONG WHITH YOU?? why do you do that to horses, they are uncomfortable, are you ok? This must be ilegal, you just do it to be famous, and you dont care about them. They have feelings too. God please help them, they must be sick or kinda. Because a normal person that cares about them and loves them, wont do that sh*t to them

  3. That poor horse looks so scared, you shouldn’t be riding a horse that probably has never been ridden. You can tell that the horse is uncomfortable, scared and obviously not wanting to so that. Shouldn’t push a wild horse like that. “Wild horse racing’’ should not be a thing. 😡😭

  4. Their not wild their trained to do this and they are abusing the horses and it could possibly cause them death and alot of injurys they clearly shouldn't own horses and this should be banned

  5. I’m sure by the look of the comments many people know that this is bad but the 50k likes tells me I need to say something.

    I’m an equestrian, this is horse abuse. These horses are not “wild”, they are horses either sent to slaughter that the rodeo picked up or horses sold to them for cheap. All “wild” horses in rodeo ARE NOT WILD.
    This is severe horse abuse, this horse will be traumatized for the rest of its life.
    Please everyone that sees this, report this channel and video for animal abuse. Unfortunately we can’t undo what has been done but we can at least stop people from saying that this is okay.

  6. Poor guy he’s probably so scared I have I horse myself whenever he acts up I drop it sometimes u need to think of ur bourses needs and wants nit just urselfs

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