40 thoughts on “Under/Over Football Betting Strategy to Win Repeatedly – Football Betting

  1. Hi, thanks for your videos. I am having a bit of a problem understanding, you place two or three bets a day with a 50 pound stake. with an average of 2.6 odds? And if you win 40 percent of the bets in 30 days you make profit?

  2. Sky bet offered me a free bet on the game tonight Aug v Cro. All bet won. Except I player assist but he never played. I expected a reduced return as a horse non runner. They offered me the free bet again. I will close my account. I can show you full bet if you would like. Bill Holmes

  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ABj7peI_R2M William hill the worst rtp online ? Be warned, the sites that warn of other sites being corrupt….pot kettle. Other than account details and rep maybe? But if nobody wins on any uk sportsbook sites….then what rep does it earn itself? And on the news about match fixing – check out billericay fc. I think this is funny and when reported etc, oh err 99 pots calling 1 kettle

  4. I trid this and its almost Impossible to find these assimetrys to play with. Over a few hours, in multiple low leagues and even different sports i couldnt find a single opportunity that could make this strategy doable

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  6. good evening, I've been admiring your work for a long time and I thought I'd try one of your tactics. I started with over/under betting strategy to compare the odds from Betfair exchange and I have a question for you if you want to help me. What are you doing when the odds at exchange are wrong and its to low? I play the bet on my sport book as a value but odds from exchange goes up and their is no value at all

  7. Wait. Turnover £2500 profit £534. Thats over 20%
    Nah…. Not in the long term. This is small margin stuff. You’ll maybe get 3-6% .
    Also, amazingly every bet with BFSB! No bigger odds elsewhere?
    C’mon Caan.

  8. Hey mate I’ve lost all my money trying these things and had back surgery don’t try it not good to hard easyir said then done there a good tip of your so good fly me out and help out a young Aussie man with no life

  9. If a there’s a liability….this is the section the bookies use to sponsor a game to bust ppl….too few, too many….for them very possible and 500 to 3000 per player? To pay the same ppl instead of a million in punters winning?

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