32 thoughts on “Gambling & Sports Betting with the Mafia – A Gamble with Your Life | Michael Franzese

  1. Can’t wait for Michael Franzese to end up on Masterclass … just imagine him telling this story as the commercial for his Masterclass …

    “… I’m Michael Franzese … and this is my Masterclass. “

  2. Wow I thought he was a nice mafia captian this was a window into what really happened I keep forgetting he was still in that life and in that life no matter how nice you are you're still involved with strong arming racketeering and intimidation. I'm gettin scared just watching this I can only imagine how those young men felt shesh

  3. Michael, would love to hear your take on the movie "The Gambler," starring the late James Caan and Lauren Hutton, Paul Sorvino, Burt Young, and a very young James Woods. Your review would make for a great "Mob Movie Monday" segment.

  4. 5:52
    Over a YouTube video at 68 years old Michael is intimidating. I couldn't imagine him if he was doing this at 30 years old. Imagine being the young kid who just realised he's in over his head. He'd be absolutely terrified.

  5. You can see the college basketball kid thinking to himself— “here’s an easy $10k in my pocket ! I don’t have to lose the game. I just need to shave off a few points. Who’s gonna know and hey, I’m rich!” And the hook is in.

    Who’s to say if I’m a young broke college kid I couldn’t get involved

  6. I'm sure most people already know sports can be compromised, but many still bet hoping they will still win regardless. I never bet to get rich, just to have something to root for. Their are positives to gambling if you know what you're in for. Good luck everyone, and take the under! Lol 😆

  7. When he said “we made a deal , your done when I tell you your done “ … you can see the former mobster come out of mike at times lol… he was no jerk off as some ppl like to portray

  8. Michael I love the way you tell your life stories. When you said " your done when I tell you your done" in my mind actually puts me right there in the middle of this transpiring. You make these true stories come to life. I actually feel like I am there watching this all unfold. Happy New Year Michael

  9. What a great tutorial for new athlete's. Great stuff Micheal. I could tell from the pain in your face this was not something you enjoy talking about, ir at the least it's obvious you're not proud of what you've done in the past.
    Thanks again for what you do sir! God speed to you and yours my friend!

  10. I’m confused on what happends if they get injuried or Jusr don’t play a good game cause that always happends sometimes and they lose they don’t even get to win by anytbing let alone 10 and the mob loses even more money what do they do to the kid in this scenario

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