50 thoughts on “Best Horse Racing Handicapping Tutorial and Tips

  1. This is a BIG assumption that the timers were accurate. That has been occurring less and less. But I do want to thank you for efforts to help fellow horseplayers.

  2. Be safe but safe is not safe enough it is found that horses from 10/1 down wins 80 percent of the races therefore going outside 10/1 puts the punter at a disadvantage but then how do you find the correct nag inside 10/1 when there are at times four to five nags inside the 10/1 spot

  3. Sorry, dude, lost you about 7 minutes in. You gloss over the meaning of the metrics. You assume we know what you are talking about when you highlight items and say not a closer, or a closer, or came in third. Have no idea what you are looking at that allows you to know that. For future newbies at this, would not recommend this video. sorry dude.

  4. The order of finish was 7-2-1 just like the bottom of the PP's page says. If you handicap the way you do for every race, you'll end up with the favorite everytime. You need to be a contrarian sometimes to hit bigger prices. But good explanations though (except for the morning line).

  5. Taking some friends to Keeneland for their first time betting on horses. You just saved me a bunch of work. Will definitely have them watch this during the drive out there. Thnx for the great video. Awesome job man!!!

  6. This information is excellent, and you partially answered my question, if each horse has a stated odd, hasn't the track's odd maker already incorporated all of the variables that a handicapper is including in their decisions? If not would that oddsmaker not be employed by that track? Or are they applying odds incorrectly and is there a reason why? I monitored SA, GP, TBD, AQU for a few weekends and found that 95% of the horses that won paid from $2.20 to $12.00. Doesn't this indicate that the lower odd horses win practically all the time? If so, what is the purpose of over analyzing what has already been analyzed? No offense but if the handicapper can pick out $100 horse that would be amazing but that is 1 in 100 or more races. And many times, the handicapper will throw out the high odd horse as his statistics would not be positive enough to keep him in the race, as you said once you see some negative signs, you throw that one out. Given the outcome, this would make sense, but it also leaves the $100 horse out of that handicapper's recommendations. Benter was able to make millions by using probability and placing large amounts on selected horses.

  7. How do y pick a winner or the exacted when the race has every horse has about the same class and speed thats where I get hit in a very good stakes race, so love to hear from y ,especially this week up coming with the Louisiana derby

  8. Your explanation of Morning Line Odds is a little off. It's not the Track Handicapper's opinion of the horse, It's where he believes the betting public will place the odds at post-time. It's only meant to give handicappers an idea of what he thinks the public will do. Horses get bet down everyday due to the publics perception of a trainer, jockey, etc. Don't get me wrong, for beginners it's a starting point but there are some terrible line makers out there and 5/1 Baffert horses going off at 1-9 🙂

  9. Still battling not the house but the track take.I had a method that I played all year my betting account after one year it was break even .Which means I was up on the rest of the players 15 percent but the track take made a loser.

  10. The best days in USA to bet IN ORDER . Breeder's cup, Kentucky Derby, Travers, Belmont stakes. Outsides USA. Royal Ascot ascot, L''arc de triumphed, Dubai
    For normal racing ONLY BET ON SATURDAYS.
    M-F and Sun in USA forget it. Too hard.
    Easy way to determine this. Add up ( money won lifetime,, WPS%,, best speed fig last 10 races ) data must be normalized. . And the likely Horses that will win are as clear as day. There a a few other things would take too long to discuss.
    As example this year's Derby Authentic and Tiz the Law had by far the best totals.

  11. Hahaha bro! I feel you! I'm actually new myself. I have to say I've been betting on sports for a while, there's was a time when I won 7 games one day, then the next, I won 4 games, and everything from there went downhill. And I noticed that these NBA games are played by Vegas, honestly from a perspective of someone's that watching they wouldn't understand but once you start to see how it works, it became more than entertainment but its about money and its sad. Its rigged too, its the reason why I got out of it. And I came to horse racing, cause with this you're dealing with actual people and not sportbooks, the house/Vegas, I can't tell you how many times people have been banned just cause they win too much, with horse racing you can't get banned. Everyone wins. It's what I love about it.

    I hear you man, its very confusing and overwhelming, there was a few times where I wanted to quit but its crazy that you could turn a small few bucks to hundreds or less than a hundred and hit 5 figures… No wonder, they call horse racing as the Sport of Kings, just learning in itself is a different type of animal lol! Thank you for making this video, I love it! Wish we could talk bro!

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