43 thoughts on “TrainWrecksTV AND Adin Ross GAMBLING TOGETHER !!!

  1. Jesus Christ, I'm gonna have an aneurism from the way that Adin plays, I'm not sure if this is legit and he seriously has a problem, or that this is an act.

  2. Does anyone here like playing slots themselves? I wanna know what interests you to keep playing them? For card games it seems like you have a “skill” and it’s on you try and get your money. But for slots to me it just feels like they’ll throw me a win once they’ve got their share and you can’t “get one over” on them

  3. What the fuck how come he dont want to help the poor insist of helping another gambler and tips them what kind of thinking this train are having do you think you are generous in my opinion you are just a dirt to me

  4. It seems Bonanza worked perfectly just the way the casino designed it. It's not there to make anyone rich. Only to make them THINK they could or about to any minute. Just gotta keep playin it. All while slowly taking ALL they money.

  5. Hard to watch honestly… train you too good of a dude sending this POS $ who doesn’t appreciate what your doing for him. He acting like you lending him $5…. I’m utterly confused and lowkey disgusted

  6. hes literally gonna go bankrupt for sweet bonanza. The slot is mid at best and I dont know what draws him to it so much but to blow over 500k on 1 slot in 1 video….he's gotta get a grip…seriously.

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