23 thoughts on “How to Win Big Betting Superfectas on Horse Racing

  1. This all nonsense! Horse racing is ALL about LUCK! Look at last weekend at Santa Anita for the winter opening. Not ONE of these "experts" had only one winner in the stakes races correct!!!! Luck my friend and forget spending money for these handicappers! Nonsense!!!!

  2. Guess the bottom line is, if you're "good" with what you look at on the racing forms, you'd have been proud to provide your win percentages, amounts bet vs winnings! Thanks for the input.

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  4. There are no successful superfecta bettors in the long run that I know of or horse players. If you are lucky to break even , which also is highly unlikely in the long run. Consider it entertainment , as a way to make money , forget about it. I have bet horse's , owned horse's , know jockeys and jockey agents , even they lose in the long run if they bet them.

  5. True story: My club of three were just getting good at race picking, and I had my heart set on hitting' my first superfecta-then they closed my offtrack, ouch! But last week I find out new Otb is open only 38 minutes away…….. hooray- yippee, getting ready to win -my wife is scouring the programs for winners-and she's excellent in her "analysis! Now I look to see what tracks are live , and which ones they give us in the new shack.

  6. Don't even try. No one win big gambling. I go to the racetrack often and know many people who gamble. We all are always broke and most of the one I know at the track are always asking for a dollar. When I don't go to the track often like three or four days I always have money in my pockets or in the bank. So stop it about how to make money gambling. You can win a thousand dollars today and give it back in the next two days…….as easy as it sounds……..and don't tell me if you win a thousand today don't go back in the next three days……cause if you are a gambler that is where you are going to next day…….it is a fact. Once a gambler….always a gambler. You can come out of drugs eazier than you will come out of gambling.

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