24 thoughts on “How to Win at Roulette 93% of the Time (Martingale Strategy Explained)

  1. i do this but i look at the previous numbers and pick some number that hasnt hit yet and put my profits from black red on thatbut like 5 dollar bets at a time so if i won 10 i would bet 5 on a singled number

  2. Our Casino has 0 and 00 (worst odds) how does that impact this system. Twice as many 0s 6:48 mark I feel you wrong because there is no rule that you only have to "roll" your money 4 times! You can roll it 8 times and eventually your color will hit due to pure math odds. However, the Casino does have a dollar amount bet limit stopping too many rolls unless you have a team member helping. Ivy was a proven cheater per say.

  3. I’ve personally seen one color come up more than 20 times in a row. If anyone thinks it’s impossible for it to go that way or that long, think again.
    If maybe rate but…. It happens and happens frequently (maybe not over 20 times everytime) But the stretch happens with the same color often and if you can only martingale 7 times then you’re screwed. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    So, I agree with Eric

  4. This system may seem practical, but it is stupid. You are betting low odds. I won roulette for a year in Romania and never went to work while drinking for free. if you bet 17, 23, and 32 with the corners, you cover about 2/3rds of the board with 13 chips. Any low number screws you, but anything over 12 is a win. if you hit 17, 23, or 32, you get 36-1 plus the corners at 4 to 1 or 52 to one. everything else is at least 4-1. 20 is 16 to one on 4 corners so it pays the wager plus 3. I would bring 4 friends to the casino and pay for thier losses every night.

    You also need to know when to cash out at one-armed bandits. play a machine for a few wins, then cash out. go back in or to another machine because they are programmed to make you lose. Once I went to a casino to have a scotch for free with 1.5 euro. three hours later I walked out sorta drunk with 600 euro. All I did was out think the machine. None of that shit is legit. It is all rigged to make you think you are winning.

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