22 thoughts on “From $3 Hour to $1 Billion Betting on Horse Racing | How Bill Benter Cracked Gambling…

  1. Hey mate.
    Funny you mention card counting , as I’m doing it part time.
    Your content and channel is very strong and powerful, how can I learn to become pro just like you? Do you have a course I can purchase? Or something that goes step by step ? Or are your YouTube channel good enough ?
    The reason why I wanna be very good at this is because I’m living in a country, where sports betting is tax free.

    I look forward for your answer sir.

  2. Bill talks about a time in Hong Kong when his model seemed to have lost it's edge. Turns out the racing club had altered the camber on one of the turns at the track and he hadn't adjusted the model for it. Now, that's track bias for ya!

  3. Lovely story and very well put together. Thanks for sharing that. I'd never had known about this kind of thing. Glad there are tales like this where the bookies get hammered.

  4. Bill Benter, my Hero. Love that comment about same shit, different day. Bunch of crooks the bookies in the UK are back up by a corrupt government who are puppets for the elite rich. Having said that, even though getting screwed if you win seems to be the order of the day, still, at least there is some money to be made if you play the game right.

  5. Mad to think the horse racing game can be predicted so accurately for so long. Even madder that people took his bets for so long – given that most of us have been massively stake restricted with more than 1 bookie just for having a couple of lucky horse binks in a row!

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