40 thoughts on “Bet On It | Monday Night Football Predictions and Odds | Saints vs Ravens Betting Preview | Nov 7

  1. Kelly loves to let everyone know she has many buddies that are men , every she she does a " my buddy chris " these are very insecure type women and this woman just repeats what these " experts " talk about .

  2. I switched my best bet picks from Joe to Marco this weekend. Joe was not on target…so I took Marco's best bet Mia/Chi U…they managed to score the most points of any game yesterday…Not giving up on you guys…I hope the worm turns.

  3. I will never and I mean ever put a dime on Andy Dalton.
    As long as Andy is the QB the saints will never win consistently and they WILL NOT make playoffs.

  4. Saints should win this game. Saints are one of the best defenses against the TE position. Bateman is out mark Andrewโ€™s out and some of their rbs r out I see them having trouble moving the ball

  5. Heh good timing. I'm never here for live stuff. Someone talk me off the saints here. I had a teaser with them but the first half already failed. I've been anti Baltimore all year, but they're going into a bye week and playing primetiime so there's definitely motivation

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