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  1. The racing industry is not perfect, but I feel like you missed some really big aspects. Especially with what happens to racehorses after they retire. Yes, some go to auction houses and then sent to the meat market. But the majority of ethical and true trainers try to re-home thoroughbreds. I wish you would have mentioned that and the fact that the number of horses rehomed after the track is greater than those sent to slaughter, or just mentioned that they get rehomed after the track. There are plenty of racehorse trainers that give horses turn out on the off season and want them to live healthy happy lives. What the racing industry does well is document the deaths, other industries really struggle at documenting death.
    I've worked with many OTTB and shadowed trainers competing in the rrp (retired racehorse program). All of them have shown no signs of negative behaviors or past abuse. I understand not all horses come off the track so calm, but many do.
    Horses are started too young and some trainers only value money, but that's not the whole industry. Many trainers and tracks really do offer 5 start treatment, with turn out and diversity in work outs.

  2. I sadly worked at the melbourne horse racing facility and its terrible they are locked in stalls all day, put into machines to run then put back in, they say they being treated like kings, a horse should be in a pasture not in a box, the guy running the place would hit the horses and that's all i saw from being there for 2 days, so i can't imagine what i didn't see, i left the 2nd day.

  3. If you think racing is bad, look at Dressage. Look at the Olympic level professionals who abuse their horses right in front of the camera and win, and yet no one says a single word about it. Racing is one of the better sports, by far. At least when a jockey whips one too many times, he's disqualified.

  4. I think people need to take a second look at rodeos and barrel racing as well. I'm by no means a horse sport expert, but judging from what quite a few actual horse professionals have said both these "sports" have corruption as well (and by professionals I mean those that like to show horses without the use of cruel implements or doping). I grew up in rodeo ruled Idaho, and I went to ONE rodeo and had to leave within an hour because what I was seeing done to the horses (ridden and roped alike) was horrifying. Not to mention the poor cattle and bulls….. Rodeos are just as money making as horse races, but also seem to be not as regulated. I could be wrong though. Horse breeding in general seems like it should be regulated more, since horse can carry dangerous genes that should be screened for. And backyard horse breeders…..

  5. I remember my dad telling me that when he did endurance and competitive rides with his horses you'd have a vet check every so many miles to see how your horse was doing and if they weren't getting their vitals down you were automatically scratched from the race and you weren't allowed to finish the race and I think drug tests were also done that to me shows more care than thoroughbred racing could ever do

  6. I owned a horse rescue for years and also assisted rehoming hundreds of horses off track, the 54k number annually does not count ONLY race horses. That is All horses. It is not just tracks that create that issue. Most rescuers at feedlots will look for tattoos on TBs to identify and track down the history and hold accountable those who dumped them there. This is significantly harder for other sports who use feedlots as trash cans.

    I am not saying racing is harmless, but the data is skewed and not clear in this video.

  7. Honestly, idk if I'm not scrolling enough or is the whole comment section just agreeing with this.
    I like horse racing, and some of these comments make me cringe, but I'd rather not fight about it so i'll keep my mouth shut.

  8. In "Beverly Hills Cop" with Eddie Murphy, didn't they have race horses slaughtered to make dog food? That was in 1980s and that should have been a red flag or something.

  9. I'm an Aussie, and in my state the Melbourne Cup is so big that its a public holiday. For years my mum has been part of an annual betting pool at her workplace and would include bets for the rest of the family. It was a bit of fun and excitement as a kid, watching the beautiful horse with a funny name race on tv with your support behind it. Even if it didn't win, it wasn't really a loss. It gave us something to root for and participate in. It was a really fun family day off of school and work to watch the races (and the crazy fashion culture that comes with it).
    But one year, the horse that my mum bet on under my name, took a terrible fall during the race and broke two legs. It was carted off the track and later euthanised. That horrified me as a kid. I felt responsible for it too. When next year's Melbourne Cup came around and my mum was putting in bets, I told her not to reserve a ticket for me. And I haven't watched the race since.
    I know my contributions are utterly inconsequential, that this is just an act of PsUeDo AcTiViSm or something without fixing the problem. I'm not in the horse industry, I dont have the power or the answers. But why would I willingly contribute to this endless cycle of death?
    Its just sad that it took such a horrible event for me to do anything.

  10. One of the best uses for horses that don't win or don't even race is as "serum" horses for pharmaceutical companies. The horses are kept in lush pastures and in carefully-watched good health, then they're injected with very low doses of particular disease bacteria or viruses, and they're strictly monitored while their immune systems deal with the invading germs. Once they start producing antibodies for the particular diseases, they donate a carefully-measured amount of blood every week. The blood is centrifuged to pull out the serum, which contains the antibodies. The serum is then processed and used as medicine for humans. It's not quite like milking a cow, but similar. A good sturdy serum horse can live for more than 20 years producing serum.

  11. When congress stepped in its because stewards didnt do their jobs, and suspending and enforcing. The 6 whip hits are not strong I've been hit by a whip by a professional jockey, and it didnt hurt and "the unpadded part makes contact" there is no unpadded part.It's not for safety its for focus and direction and switching leads. The whips are not the problem that's a terrible argument. I think the rule should be you can whip as long as they are battling for a check or responding, in gaining or fighting for a money spot. Also in AMERICA they are born around by a professional for Jan-Apr. And when you put "worthless" that's such a damning word, if you were promised a new Jaguar car and you got a Volkswagen van from the 80's that didn't run you would call that "worthless." I have never heard of Ernie Paragio so. I can say imo Amussen might have been oblivious or not known, but Bilas' family are not good for horse racing either I agree. Ask around, no one likes Peter Miller, Robertino Diodoro, Bob Baffert, Jorge Navarro, and Jason Servis etc. and the problem is the stewards didnt do their job and ban those scummy trainers because when they cheated they bet and benefitted. Again I knew watching his horses run, Navarro was cheating and nothing was done and you had to bet him if you were betting the track because they were drugged. If I said we're running in an olympic race and Usain Bolt gets a 50 meter head start you would say I have to bet him, but its not a fair win. And don't throw Motion under the bus, he did bad mouthed all of that, and you take a one clip where he says its just like every sport sadly.

  12. "It's wonderful to be so close to greatness, to see their beauty and…"
    And laugh as Shitface McGee, Tawdry Belldame, and Murky Loo Water trot past.

    I'm just saying. Racing animals get the worst names.
    There are so many things about the industry that are so much worse, but man, the NAMES these animals get! Even if they were treated perfectly, I'd feel bad for them.

  13. In Australia has an extensive off the track program . and all horses must be accounted for and future owners. dont lump Australia in with the US. there will always be bad apples but you people love to generalize . the whip use is regulated to restrict how many times you can hit them. again Australian rules are way different to the US. so i wish you would state the difference

  14. Doping put an asterisk next to the last Triple Crown winner, Justify (the same trainer also trained American Pharaoh). The drug, scopolamine, can leave a human without their senses (someone literally looks perfectly fine, but if you tell them to rob a bank for them, they are wholly incapable of saying no and look to other people as if they are a willing participant); actually a very frightening drug that is popular in South America for the criminal use in this manner.

  15. LORD hearing what Saratoga track says is just so funny to me. I live in the area and have always hated what horse racing really was. This just proves every but why!

  16. I worked in a horse racing track (in Italy) for 2 years as an AV Technician. Fancy talk to say I was in charge of putting up subtitles and pick which camera was broadcast between races so that TV spectators had something pretty to look at while the next race was arranged, and work the audio mixer to make sure the commentators could be heard clearly.

    It was decent money, but it turns out security around the horse pens was EXTREMELY lax. As in, anyone who could convincingly pretend they belonged there could go in just fine.
    When the whole place shut down on orders of the local organization for agriculture and livestock, the brass didn't divulge anything and after a few weeks we reopened.
    …only to shut down permanently after just two more days.
    Turns out, mafia men were rigging the race by literally waltzing into the place, intimidating the cart drivers, drugging the horses and whatnot. There was a security system in place in the staff entry gate, which was the most direct access to the horse pen…except one of the security staff would make sure that door was "conveniently" open at the right time.
    The brass gave everyone a warning to tighten security before reopening the race track…and our mole went RIGHT BACK to the same shit.

    I also saw some messed up stuff happen on the track. Drivers who were rigged to lose would pull the reins so hard the horses gums were damaged by the bit. There once was an accident where a driver tried to run farther away from the center of the track and his right wheel grazed another racer's, causing a horrible accident where a horse's hoof crashed through a wheel, sending both carts away, spooking both animals and fortunately leaving the drivers hurt but not in mortal danger.

    Truth be told, I'm glad I got out of that business. Even though nothing of it impected me personally, ending up jobless but with a clearer conscience fared way better for me.

  17. Horse racing people who say 'I love my horse' are not lying, they are just dumb. For me its easy to spot the horse that will break a leg before the race has even started and these experts apparently just 'miss' it? Thats either willfull or blind. I'm actually glad that australian byproduct racing horses go to slaughter and dont get old. It is better than a spillover effect, with near-champions being sold off to gullbile hobbyists who think they have what it takes to become a professional rider. I have seen people owning horses with great sires and it all comes down to owning a Kengal in a tiny urban appartment just so you can show it off in the local park. Of course, breeding the animal is often on their minds. Sure its out of good intentions but its profoundly sad to see a girl arrive at the stable with reluctance because she 'has' to ride with her so called champion and they 'have' to go to a dressage event later that week and they hate it but its a good horse so they should, right?

    The Americans also seem to be a bit silly about the subject, claiming that 'winning' horses will never end up at slaughter, but they do. They are often traded over and over until no one can be blamed any more, leaving them neglected and often wounded for extended periods before finally getting the relief of death somewhere halfway across Mexico. If a horse with a commercial purpose is done, let it be done. Dont throw it in the garbage with the hopefull idea that someone might fix them.

  18. Thank you for talking about this I have see to many racehorses coming off the track and people think that they come off so pretty and their well taken care of but many come off underweight or lame or the get put into kill lots it's awful to see and I'm thankful someone else is talking about it

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