23 thoughts on “All Races: Breeders' Cup 2022 Saturday

  1. I don't care what race FlightLine runs in after been babied and given special race with weak competition. Barring the Breeders cup as his best race and the Pacific Classic..The Amazing Stamina monster Secretariat stands very tall at the top and The incomparable Cigar was destroying everything on dirt for 16 straight wins with ten (10) group one victories.Therefore ,the hype can always be disputed for racing ages.

  2. How can people say flight line is Better than da two last triple crown horses by bob BAFFERT American Pharaoh n justify both horses went on to win da breeders Cup at 3yrs old da same year after winning da triple crown races . Flight line didn’t even run in d triple crown races ever n now at 4 yr old yes he run undefeated n win da BC CUP . DA OWNERS SHOULD TAKE HIM TO DUBAI CUP BIG RACE .

  3. too all that love horse racing. please come to the Uk and witness the Epsom Derby, if you see that course in real life, you would think it's. bonkers crazy, its basically like a roller-coaster, , couldn't make it up!.., only in England

  4. I insist from his first race, champion of champions, return to the track of honor and respect, imposing sculpture racecourse entrance, incorporate among the best 100 non-human athletes of the century, place him third after man o'war and Secretariat best 100 horses of the century . The horse we always dreamed of seeing, let's toast to this extraordinary thoroughbred. She deserves our respect and excellent breeding mares. Health.

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