36 thoughts on “πŸ”΄ LIVE Casino Gaming 🎰😷 Stay Safe, Play Safe with Brian Christopher

  1. Really cool that you are up this way. But it's not cool we can not get lucky wrist bands or hugs. Hope u come back when everything gets better. We really wanted 2 meet u we watch u all the time. Well good luck n safe travels.

  2. Seven Feathers in Oregon (you were coming here before the shut down) I got a VIP early invite for next week! I know you are rescheduled for August, but come sooner!!

  3. At approximately 21:27 into the video, you stated that you had never seen that bonus before, and asked: "What do we do?" Well, the answer to that question is this; it doesn't matter what you choose because your bonus has already been determined and all choices will end up with the same result. With class II gaming machines your total win was already determined when you pressed play. The lights, reals, sounds, and bonuses that follow are just for entertainment purposes only. A totally different way of play than the slots in Vegas.

  4. Hi Brian! Nice mask. THANKS for being socially responsible! I hope you hit some BIG RUDIE SPUDS!
    πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 😷STAY😷WELL😷 😎😎😎

  5. Hi Brian, new subscriber , been watching your exciting shows for a year now. I really enjoy watching your happy shows. Your shows are super fun to watch . Thank you! Enjoy that great fun in Idaho and be safe! Good Luck and line them up!!! Izzy

  6. I wonder if casinos will really tighten their slots once they all re open. If that was the case I wouldn't go back right away. Casinos here in CA may not open for quite a while since they are in phase 2

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