34 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Sports Betting! Watch this before you place another bet.

  1. Don’t listen to this idiot, he’s just trying to praise himself as a genius and the only one that can figure it out.. don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be if you see a good bet take it and don’t take one your not sure on and money management.. this dude is a clown

  2. Forget just being easy it’s kind of a scam, they will sit players so they don’t get they stats Andre Drummond played 6 minutes yesterday when he’s played 12 minutes at least the last few games, they stopped him at 4 rebounds ruining a lot of people’s parlays

  3. Gambling is a lie. it's an dopamine rush, but a lie. millions of people run the risk of developing a severe problem and think the only way out of their problem is to gamble more. 20% of those compulsive gamblers attempt to kill themselves. Doesn't sound worth it to me. We have to start telling people the truth and stop normalizing it. Just like we are telling people more about the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol, and opioids, we need to stop selling gambling as being this benign "normal" activity-but instead educate the patient about the potential dangers. We need to do better as a society, not just by spitting out the 1800 help line number at the end of every gambling advertisement.

  4. Yes you talk complete betting sense, however the biggest advantage a bettor has is that they have the choice of what they bet on. I only bet on GB horse racing, the battle of wits with the Bookmaker and corrupt nature of the sport make winning an achieveable lifestyle. Help me with mathematical model. I have already generated useful predictive data metrics. Plus I am super knowledgeable in the betting field.

  5. A model that makes predictions with positive expected value will still experience losing streaks due to variance. How do you know whether a model that used to work is no longer working because of a change in the underlying causal reality vs a cluster of negative variance?

  6. Moron!
    I do track all my bets
    I do track what’s coming in and coming out and I win, on a yearly average 60% of my bets.
    Think this guy’s advise is for casual betters or to scare people out of it before they try it.

  7. Sports betting is so fucking annoying. It's like scratch lottery tickets where you constantly "almost" win lol.

    I have more near misses than you would believe. Sometimes it feels like I'm in the Matrix lol

  8. In 2022, you put on the TV and all you see now is ads for covid vaccine, prescription pills and sportsbook. Very depressing. My dad always told me, "The House always wins…Period"

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