22 thoughts on “How This Man Profited $1 Billion Betting on Hong Kong Horse Races

  1. Benter left cause another group from Australia came along known as the punters club made up of about 15 individuals in the mid nineties started operating in HK
    Their model did not take of initially but after a few years they got it right
    This group still operates in HK and around the world
    One of the major shareholder holding about 20% is the guy known as the biggest punter in the world called zeljko ranegpic

  2. This is literally just a regurgitation of a Bloomberg Business article titled "The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code." I was really hoping for an analysis and explanation of the multinomial logistic regression model that Benter employed.

  3. Clearly, western interests were not at risk. If it were, legalised hired mercenaries from one of any federal agencies would have swooped in right away. All these disadvantageous incidents were for undermining the economy of HK of China, coz land is no longer beneficial to colonisers.

  4. This is great story. And it cements in my mind why it is more necessary than ever for governments to tax trades, to insert themselves (and through those governments, their citizens) into the role of the House, so that, winning or losing, you contribute to the public pot, which should not care who wins or who loses, as long as the public gets its percentage.

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