46 thoughts on “ADIN ROSS Going Completely INSANE !!!

  1. Bro when I first started watching your channel like a month ago I thought you where just trying to hate on adin for picking his nose but god damn this motherfucker has been a knuckled deep for his whole stream for like the past 10 videos. Its so funny he does not even realize how often he does that shit lmao.

  2. Hey bro, I really missed your uploads and due to the lack of gambling i used to watch, I started to place sport bets again… Your videos really helped me to stay away from gambling because I saw it is impossible to make money that way. Hope you never stop with uploading this content that I believe helps a ton of people out there. Thanks so much

  3. when you deserve to win but you lose like Coody
    but you deserve to lose for your stupid wrong blackjack playing but you stil up alot like adinross.
    This life is not fair

  4. Doubling after you loose a hand (negative progression) or martingale, works so long as you win withing 5 hands, more then 5 hands and your risking your entire balance (based on you starting from a low or lowest u it size ) 1,2,4,8,16 etc

  5. It's always the opposite result when doing aggressive bets. It's built in to the online casinos to detect and seem to have a price of reduced payouts. Any hit and run seems undetected and the casinos don't mind that you win. It's the "making money all day, night, week…" they worry about. A player is "a suspect" after winning 100.000 and not leaving for some time.

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