48 thoughts on “The secret world of horse racing | CNBC Sports

  1. I recently recorded at the National Horse Racing Museum, and I find this scene fascinating. I particularly enjoyed that you interviewed a variety of people, including new owners, trainers, and jockeys. I found the interview with the jockey at the end the most fascinating, and I was surprised to learn just how much Frankel's stud encounters fetch to produce future winners! Awesome documentary. 🙂

  2. I think this video is a lot older than you think. I looked up Havana Gold on Equibase and he was a 2010 foal, which means the sale you watched would have been in 2012. Unraced.

  3. The race horse s are not treated right and ship sale barn and sold kill buyers ans ship to slaughter there no so money off them after races and win or not they all go thur it poor horses it gow much theh lose out and people turn heads other way

  4. I wanna race but I will NEVER do that.i will race a horse that is like… 7-8 years or more? I'd never force themselves to go that hard, mostly cuz I wanna be a vet and why would I do that? I'd probably give a tiny slap to get a stubborn horse going but never whip .I'd never startle the horse cuz then I'd get hurt and I might scare it.

  5. Apart from the money from breeding and winning prize money, Owners trainers and yard workers know in which race the horse would be running and based on the track, distance, weather and competition they bet for or against the horse and make shot load of money.

  6. Of course they treat the money making horses well CNBC but conveniently your not showing the horse slaughter houses that the majority of the more than 10,000 thoroughbred horses sold at that one auction house every year will end up. Truth coming out slowly bit by bit like the circuses back in the day people thought they were fantastic (including myself) until everyone woke up to what was really going on behind the glamourised facade, I don’t want to see horse racing banned but I hope that they clean it up before it’s too late or it will be

  7. American horse racing is over much shorter distances than British and Irish racing. The Grand National in England is 4 miles and 514 yards long and the horses have to jump 30 fences. America has nothing remotely like this. Could it be because of bleeding heart urban lefties, who know nothing? The Irish Grand National is run over 3 miles and 5 furlongs, with 24 jumps to navigate. There are regular races here with over 2 miles, every day. Loose horses still run, so nobody is making them do it. In Britain and Ireland, ex racehorses are treated well and are never used for pet food.

  8. They end up in the Slaughter House. Its a disgusting Industry. I have no respect for anybody in it. Iv seen what ye lovely people do, to your prize winners. Distugting….. the amount of race horses that are killed & made for dog food is Horrific. Its scary. Its heart braking.

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