35 thoughts on “Have I Finally Found a Betting Strategy That Makes Money?

  1. Ive got horse racing data going back to 2014 and a quick check from 773,174 races produces 85,166 races where the minimum in play price was 1.01 for a given horse and from this 1,060 horses then lost. So using £100 and 2% commission you would have staked £85,166 and won £103,880 so a net profit of £18,714. As others have said though there is laying at 1.01 and getting matched at 1.01.

  2. i wouldn't listen to this awakenbeerus guy if i were you, yeah he predicts these matches

    but it's gotta be some kind of dark magic, how the fuck would he otherwise

    knew these scores few days before the game even begins

  3. Greetings friends!I have been making money on betting for more than 20 years. Now I have realized my mission, it is to help everyone not to depend on money, but to treat a large amount of it as due.Please your loved ones and be happy. I wish you all the best and joy!

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