28 thoughts on “Full Replay: 2022 Longines Breeders' Cup Classic Won By Flightline

  1. I was there on the rail at the top of the stretch. I saw him pass by Life is Good like he was standing still and cried the whole time he ran down the stretch. An incredible, once in a lifetime horse.

  2. Good horse for sure but even though bar is pretty high after only 7 races. I guess only time will tell and people will think what they want. Heck there are still people thinking that easy goer was better than sunday silence. And that was 33 years ago…lol

  3. Flightline is unreal ,so he goes 7 -0 great ,now we don't get to watch him run know more, Horse Racing sucks.Whats the point let him run 13 14 races ,7 wins u can put him in the top ten.

  4. No one can doubt it is a very good horse, but to be a true alltime legend you HAVE to run more than six races. You have to show that you can train on and do it the year after at least. Sadly we will never know now, because people who already have enough money would rather have even more, than give racing fans, and themselves, the joy of watching what COULD have become the greatest of all time if they had kept it racing.

  5. those other jockeys did'nt ride their horses worth a damn… those horses are better than that . although life is good jockey stretched it out a little early i personally think life is good will beat this horse at a mile 1/16🌐

  6. Cuando los dueños de caballos entiendan que lo más hermoso de un pura sangre de carreras son las carreras por encima del dinero estaremos en la mejor era del hipismo de todos los tiempos. Me entristece mucho que flightline deje de correr porque desde hace muchísimo tiempo ví carreras de caballos y siempre busque alguno que siempre derrotase a los demás y cuando lo ví por primera vez sentí que había encontrado lo que por siempre había anhelado, ahora después de tener ése héroe nos lo quitan de la manera más violenta y sin siquiera darle una chance de que sé convierta de ser el mejor de todos los tiempos. Vayan sigan llenando sus cuentas bancarias de dinero pues eso es lo que quieren pero ya dejen de vendernos humo.

  7. I'm not denying the horse is very good, but really the hype is well over the top. The US pool of horses this year has been abysmal. Even the Breeders Cup was a weak affair. Epicentre retired and Life is good didn't get the distance. You only have to look at the turf. Europe send a set of 2nd stringers and wipe the floor. Come on guys, get real.

  8. If you are not impressed by the pace and strength of Flightline, it may be due to: you have no passion for the sport, you have never run scared or chased after a thief, you preferred to buy roses for your wife and not invest in it before, you like it more a zebra or a donkey than a horse, you are colorblind and confuse shades of green with red or they didn't take you to the park to ride the ponies.

  9. Flightline wow!!! now is retired, undefeated. From what he did in his short career I think for what it's worth he may have been the greatest. His smallest winning margin being 6lenghts what a horse!

  10. The first part of the race reminded me of 1973 Belmont, where Secretariat and Sham went at each other early and opened up 10 lengths on the field. If my gramdma was here she would of had flashbacks to that Belmont, but I know she was looking down from heaven with a smile on her face.

  11. Before anyont thinks this very good horse was in the league of Secretariat, think again. Secretariat owns the Ky Derby, Preakness and Belmont records, Flightline has no record times. Secretariat still owns the dirt 1 1/2 world record and that was as a 3 year old. Secretariat raced over 20 times, Flightline 6. On the exact same track Authentic ran a half second faster in the Classic 2 years ago. 2 minutes flat is fast for 1 1/4 but not record breaking. In fact this time only puts Flightline in 9th for the fastest Breeder's Cup Classic and it was on a fast track, lovely weather and he had a perfect trip. Flightline is very good, but the numbers just don't stack up. Trainers in the last 10 years or so are very carful about when and where the big money horses run all with an eye of getting huge $ in stud fees. That's the bottom line and that's the case here. Ditto for Justify or Authentic and American Pharaoh. It's all about $$$$

  12. Memories of Secretariat and Sham there. He is a great horse alright. It takes a fantastic athlete to sustain that pressure and let down in the straight so convincingly. Would have liked to seen more than six starts! Stud value massive (and guaranteed). What a great race it would have been between him and Frankel…throw in Winks (Aust) and you would have walked over broken glass to see the race. BUT, throw in Big Red and he would have crushed them all! No horse has gone faster than Secretariat, a massive leap in modern training techniques has not broken that record…it's always arguable, we all love a champion and we all have a favourite. For me, Secretariat was the greatest of them all!

  13. Good horse but never the best there's ever been!! Never really been tested. Retired after 6 races?? That's a joke! Cashing in on stud fees before he's found out. Frankel. Nijinsky, Sea the Stars, even Baaeed were better and showed more versatility!!

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