20 thoughts on “Betting Strategy That Works | Make an Income Betting on Sports

  1. It happens once to me , a team leading with 4-2 and bet on 88 min at 0.001 value.End of 92 min game both teams level the score 4-4. Is it possible to score 2 goals with in 4 min? How to analyse ? Is fixing involves?

  2. Very interesting! Would it also work if I always chose odds of 2.0 as a bet (in the long run, 50% of the bets should win as I understand it) But I would create value myself and I would wait until the game has lasted 40min and koenf 2.0 has rising up. Suppose I always bet odd number of goals will be scored. If they score before 40 min then i move on and wait another change for my strategy! What you guys think, could it work in long term. Or rather not

  3. Made a whole document that calculated the chance of team a or b winning chance of scoring in first 10 min 10-20min etc against each time, bet 25 ish times a day and average a 0,8% return a day

  4. How about having Six Sigma Sports as a sports betting application. This one is a product of blockchain and one of its features is it ensures guaranteed and fast transaction settlements on a decentralized network.

  5. 100% useless. He explains the obvious. However the problem is, if you use the starting odds to work out the implied chance, at best you work out value in hindsight, which useless you have a time machine handy, is not helpful, or workout that any bet at starting price is a fair bet.
    My tip (and I am not Tony Bloom, but I believe I am on a good strategy) is to look for factors which consistently confound the market's expectations.

  6. Betting on singel or dubbel is loosing strategy, takes to much time, bookies are watching, they will be limiting you, and profits are low! Bet 10-15 games where odds are 500 to 3-4000 . Bet small, like 1 dollar. And see it as fun thing, everything else is bs.

  7. WHy there arent't easy system to win football betting. Almost like easy like scalping that you win 1 pound and you lose one and you win one and you win other, and you lose other. But win more than lose. Scalping is hard to win in horse racing I have found because prize can accidentally go fast up or down. I feel scalping it's dangerous in football also if you try one or two ticks win because if goal comes you lose so much that your wiinign are not covering it.

  8. olá cann sou brasileiro e gostaria muito de comprar seu curso iniciei no trader em abril de 2016 operei com futebol e lay galgos mais nem um dos 2 obtive sucesso , agora imigrei pro cavalo conheço tudo sobre odds , percebi que o comportamento das odds de cavalos osilão muito rapido..não teria como eu obter seu curso com legenda brasileira?

  9. So when did your bookie ban you for winning, and how much do the lines move off your picks? I used to trade info with syndicate guys and it's funny they never sold picks or talked much about what they did (except with me).

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