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  1. Fun fact these are fans who are betting for their favorite team

    Real pro s like myself we bet ONLY when we have the right INFO info what says is the other team missing key player have they had time to rest good all this info before you bet

  2. bet the pats.,,,thought i lost till they threw a pass on the 1 yard line,,,i still cant believe russ wilson didnt change the play and give it to beast mode,,,he could of fell for a yard and a half,,,

  3. [  Meditation leads to awareness of telepathy, and awareness of telepathy leads to meditation.  ]

    Honesty socially is much more important than DOING to impress others. It’s not what we DO to build social value that matters. It’s the respect we are willing to give, as well as the authenticity and sincerity we have within our personalities. The ideas we choose to participate in matter most: they are either friendly or cruel socially. There is no material wealth or DOING in society that creates authority by default, which is the ability to pass judgments socially the most. The minds participating in that idea are hypocritical, cowardly, and dumb. Anger and zero accountability are not replacements for honesty and empathy.

    Authoritarianism is a head game men play when they refuse to share honesty (friendship). Classist men are completely biased against ideas supporting emotional freedom, free thinking, and level states of being. Spiritual development, the focus away from the material and towards psychology and attraction only, is promoted as “not important” by the fearful seeking emotional leverage socially. Spiritual ideas immediately decentralize power, elevate mood, reduce manipulation, and eliminate leadership. Spirituality places much more emphasis on social inclusion, honesty (friendship), and collective consciousness. Authoritarians weaponize materialistic development and use it as a basis to remain unfriendly (dishonest) and critical. Dishonesty is the only way the idea of “power” may exist. When friendship is seen as much more important than power, material development is subservient to mood. When material development is used to boost self worth and reduce others socially, mood is subordinate to power.

    Joyful ideas supporting free thinking (telepathy, cooperation, and honesty) encourage growth of the human persona, are anti-manipulative, and remove the idea of “power” from the human mind. Men focused on the immaterial (personality) and on honesty (friendship) are more developed socially than domineering men consumed with leadership. Authoritarians intentionally remain closed-minded, antagonistic (blame), and manipulative (controlling), while also forming intense judgments (jealousy) about more emotionally developed men, in order to seek status. Men with evolved personas possess honesty and humor within the mind, and never extend the idea of emotional leverage to anyone. This makes them an unintentional threat to critical men focused on social dominance. Leadership is not warm, nor is it real. It is used in practice to reduce pride in others and to artificially boost feelings of self worth in an individual focused on social image only. Men focused on telepathy are contradictory socially to authoritarians that promote leadership. Men with inherent worth (love for others) are offensive to men trying to prove worth (lack of belief in self) with material development.

    All men know consciousness (Source) and possess a conscience. Possessing a conscience is knowing right from wrong. No man is exempt from understanding Source (love) within, and all men know what a conscience is. Comparing the human being to an unaware animal is cunning and manipulative. Alphas rely on lying socially about awareness instead of developing character, while ignoring Source (love) completely. Our feelings (thoughts and beliefs) are transmitted vibrationally to the minds of other people. In order to seek power, which is the intention to emotionally reduce other human beings, status seekers must feign unawareness of knowing a conscience. Cruel ideas are deliberately participated in and broadcast mentally promoting social dominance. The willful focus on an honest (friendly) collective consciousness is a contrarian idea to human animals playing dumb. Being EQUAL TO in the mind socially IS secure, and the ONLY true expression of emotional security that exists. Authoritarians refuse to focus away from being unfair human animals and towards emotional harmony, and remain consumed with social inequality only. This forces an unrelaxed, emotionally tense environment driven by melodrama and contempt for others.

    Alphas have low feelings of self worth, mental instability, manipulative personalities, and severe emotional issues resulting from the intense focus on both apathy (unfriendliness) and advantages (social exclusivity). Ideas rooted in social dominance (alpha psychology) will never promote honesty (friendship) in society. Dishonesty leads to an emotional schism (depression) socially. Alphas are homophobic and seek more control over feelings, and focus on blame and paranoia socially to maintain a false sense of emotional security. These vibrational attacks lead to violence. Control over feelings is impossible, as we all share thinking. Alphas are combative because they are deeply insecure about the emotional intelligence in other men. When men possess emotional IQ, it means they care about other people, have level minds socially, and think very highly of other human beings in general. We are all telepathic. There is no choice but to be honest (friendly), and to focus on the ultimate truth of what reality is (connection with Source). Men with evolved personas refuse to manipulate the truth and to seek power over others. Seeking status means to be endlessly critical, materialistic, and cruel socially. Men with emotional depth focus on honesty (friendship) more than alphas, and this is why they are non-violent.

    The idea of a social hierarchy (human authority) is degrading and humiliating. It promotes closed-mindedness, fear, and the social inclusion of violence. Non-conformist men focused on telepathy, possessing elevated emotions, are judged relentlessly by alphas that refuse to evolve. Violent men intentionally share the same judgments about more emotionally complex men out of spite, keeping a false sense of security. Alphas seek validation and support from each other, since the ideas they participate in are rooted in dishonor and hate. Alphas judge friendly, emotionally developed men the most because they possess more honesty, more self control, and have the courage to show love (truth) to conformity. Passing excessive, unprovoked judgments (authoritarianism) on a better psychology, wavelength, and state of being is jealousy. These judgments always relate to honesty, social harmony, and non-violence. Violent men rely on power of numbers to keep ideas going that are manipulative and threatening towards men that have already focused away from machismo (lying and fear), and towards telepathy, honesty, and Source. Men that refuse to evolve into non-violence and remain focused on alpha will stay domineering and controlling socially, and will always promote vibrational attacks against more emotionally developed men. The results of this psychology are petty head games and constant manipulation of the truth.

    Intelligence is always associated with emotional IQ, and emotional IQ has a direct correlation to the mental focus on social equality. Social equality can only result from honesty (friendship) within the mind. The reason men chose to be honest socially is always the same: they are aware telepathy is real and they don’t like looking stupid. Alphas primarily focus on dominance and social image, and focus entirely away from emotional depth and connectivity. This reduces their emotional IQ socially. Because of this, alphas will always feel inferior to more honest (friendly) men. Alphas must always focus on acting skills to socialize, since the inner persona is focused only on aggression, violence, and dishonesty. This creates a shallow personality socially with a dumb vibe. Men with violence on the mind will always show jealousy to non-violent men with emotional depth. This is because only non-violent men can form honest outer personas socially that are not shallow, more trustworthy, and more likable. Shallow minds are not highly thought of or respected when it comes to emotional IQ, and are often avoided socially. This angers the minds of men that possess a lower psychology, which will often create a violent reaction socially unprovoked. When thinking in men is focused primarily on honesty, feelings radiate warm / soft. Men that have violence and cruelty within the mind radiate ice cold / threatening feelings.

    Machismo and compassion are polar opposites. Machismo will never allow for healing to occur, while compassion is the promotion of both healing and emotional growth. Men focused on compassion will always outwit less mature, manipulative men with arrogant and violent personalities sharing no respect. Men will either allow healing (level thinking) to occur socially, or they will attempt to take away pride from others to artificially boost feelings of self worth. Alphas will always attempt to seek an image of more value socially by cheating (violence, greed, or leadership). Judgements from personalities with machismo usually have little substance. Only judgments relating to character issues (dishonesty), violence, or an excessively critical mind have real substance. Passing judgments on men for being honest (friendly) is shallow, arrogant, and completely against the development of our collective consciousness socially. Judgments from alphas are often hypocritical, cruel, and reside in dishonor. Shallow judgments from authoritarians will always lead to drama, social inequality, and violence. Alphas focus intensely on cutting other men down unfairly in order to promote a better social image, labeling it “competitive”.

    It’s time for human beings to end classism (psychic warfare) for good. It is jealousy. Materialistic development and social image will never supplement dishonesty and cruelty. Secure men are level in the mind and easy to get along with. Conniving authoritarians play childish head games and allow stagnation of the personality.

    End the drama..


  4. What a great idea. They all bank offshore in Gibraltar and pay minimum tax in the UK. About time we got this cockroach industry paying their way in society.

  5. The best year to do this doc would be 2018. I was a big house party with 98% Falcons fans in Buford GA. I told them all I bet on NE and they gave me so much shit for about 2.5 hours… I laughed my ass off for the last 40 minutes. I was a bit worried not gonna lie… but I did not lose faith.

  6. So these silly videos (year after year) seem to think they need to EXPLAIN what a pointspread is. I don't buy that. My dead grandparents know what a pointspread is and so do my nephew and nieces whom have never bet a dollar in thier life. Seriously who TODAY does not understand what a pointspread means?

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