25 thoughts on “7 Slot Machine SECRETS casinos don't want you to know

  1. Hi to you and everybody out there! I never heard of this "small gambler safe" before. Seams like an excellent idea to have in a gambler's possession for safe keeping! If you don't mind, post a link stating where's the best deals to purchase a "small gambler safe"! It will be a great investment which will pay for it's self! Good luck to you as well as everybody out there!

  2. Only way u gonna get rich gambling is if u successfully rob the casino for every dime and dollar bill lol 😆 ain't no "secrets" to beating the slot machines, they run o. Random number generator

  3. Another thing I like to do (could be similar to money management) is start with smaller bills, cause what if you could turn $1 into $100? Or maybe even $1,000 or $10,000? I put a $5 in imperial 88 on my last visit, usually it’s one that’s not nice to me like 98% Of the time, but I was lucky enough to turn just a 5 dollar bill into $300 on just an 88 cent bet!

  4. I never go. Now because when I went it was not only for amusement but mainly to try to increase my wager. Trouble is if you win virtually straight away you don't feel like going home and get greedy to try to win more like a winning streak fallacy and probably lose the lot
    Also if you spend a lot before winning its too much stress thinking you're going to lose. Even if you win the stake money back its only relief from not having lost. So hardly satisfying
    I suppose only for really rich people that don't mind losing a bit. Most people aren't like that and regular customers

  5. That every pulll is independent or it's random is total crap how can you explain how you can go some visits and never lose and other times never hit a damn bonus it's crap they can control them they're connected to the computers

  6. I do number #1. I put in $20 and play that. If i double my money i cash out. If i lose it all i walk away and find another machine. It worked this time i won $150 cashed out and $90 and was able to use that money for my next day on my trip

  7. My strategy if I win big is to play on the houses money but at smaller bets than I was doing when I won. You’re basically just playing for fun then but you’ve already guaranteed a winning night as long as you only risk a portion of your winnings. Say you bring $200 and do $2 bets. You get a bonus at $100 and win $400. Now you have $500, $300 more than when you started. Set aside say $200 of that and play with the other $100 at say 50 or 75 cent bets. Even if you lose it all, you still walk away with a $200 win and got to play for longer than you originally thought you would.

  8. Play the highest denomination you can on a slot machine. Many have multiple denomination from pennies all the way up a dollar or more. The higher the denomination, the higher the payout. It’s not substantially higher but say 92% for $1 vs 88% for pennies is still noticeable. On many games like lightning link, mighty cash, ultimate fire link etc, the progressive jackpots are higher the higher denomination you play. The higher denominations have a higher minimum bet but it’s a big difference in winning a $10 mini on penny denomination vs that min being $100 on 10 cent and even $1000 on $1 denomination.

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