49 thoughts on “Streamers who lost all their money live – Gambling Compilation

  1. I don't understand. This game at 3:00 you could literally sit there and instantly click yourself out for a profit over and over again it seems. 3:27 when he ups to $600, literally make $60 in like 2 seconds, even goes up to $880 before crashing out. That would be so valuable to just take your money off the table within seconds over and over again. Remove "the moon" from your mind, think about working at McDonalds for next to nothing an hour. Then think about $60 in 2 seconds. I know which i'd rather choose.

  2. Most of those are fake gamblers. It's covered in streaming money or contracts or being workers. Maybe 1 in 10 is showing their own data sometimes. A few elevated in the industry and they stop risking anything. When I see "a fighter" there is some reality to it and that's not what we usually see. The luck is also bigger for VIP streamers. It takes time to learn or master gambling (with little losses) for normal people.

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