41 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

  1. I've watched my share of horse races, and "interference" must be a new rule, otherwise half of horses I've seen racing in previous years would have been disqualified this way. This was absolutely ridiculous.

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  3. A total disgrace to the Derby – that new judge should have been sacked for ruining over a century of proud tradition. Minor infractions like that are commonplace and must be weighed against the importance of the event or you end up with yet another great sporting event destroyed by overly strict officiating. Competitive sports are meant to have an element of physical risk and toughness. I've been around horses all my life – just watch horses in a herd, especially in the wild. They rough-house even when playing; it's in their nature – they're built to take it! Jockeys are experienced with and conditioned for it too. I think it's much more true to the species going all the way back in their history to judge them for their overall power and dominance, not just for their speed and stamina. Let them use their muscle a bit and jostle for position (within common sense limits; these aren't chariot races LOL). That's the way horse racing was done for almost its entire history.

    Sadly, it's all about the money now, including the rules and judging! Might as well incorporate each horse individually (not as a whole stable) and have their CEO's, Boards, and lawyers negotiate, arbitrate, or litigate the outcome of each race. That's close to what this sport has become already…

  4. It still hurts for me to watch this, Maximum Security deserved that win, Country House was not affected by his move at all. To this day I still hate Flavien Pratt and Bill Mott. Judge me if you want

  5. So many commenters here got this wrong. MS was all over the place, even before the move that got him DQ'ed. He was jumping lanes all around the far turn, and was just fortunate that only the big wobble impeded only one competitor. And, for CH, it is so hard to recover momentum after having to slow down, especially after over a minute of running already. It sucks, but it was an obvious call that is made in horse racing every day. Not an easy call, but an obvious one.

    Heck, it's not only in horse racing. Distance running, cycling (Peter Sagan got thrown out of the TDF for essentially the same thing), sailing, even motor racing: if you change lanes and you're not 100% clear of those behind, you're at fault.

  6. I've watched the race, re-watched in slow mo, listened to the commentaries, and read up on what the objection and how it could have possibly affected the outcome of the race. While I do believe an infraction was committed, I disagree with who was pronounced the winner and for why.

    I felt that the horse who was MOST affected when #7 moved off the rail (to possibly intentionally block other horses to his right), was #1-War of Will. You could see #1 having to pull back abruptly, which forced #18-Long Range Toddy to also pull back but #20-Country House didn't really seem to be affected by the "block" attempt because #20 was so far on the outside at that moment.

    I'm really surprised that WoW's team didn't post an objection when it appears that HE was truly the horse most affected by the alleged block attempt. Had this scenario not have happened, would WoW have been able to finish higher or even win the race? Very possible IMO but we'll never know.

    And given that #20-Country House had 65-1 odds, it certainly makes for a MUCH BETTER payout to call HIM the winner than if the favorite had one. Seems like the final ruling was motivated more by financial greed and less by ethical decision making. So sad

  7. Itโ€™s hard to keep a horse exactly on a perfect lane around a turn. Jesus. This is demanding absolutely perfect riding and training, to a level not seen in any other sport

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  10. I guess because it was the Kentucky Derby thatโ€™s why it took so long to DQ Luis Saez and Max, they were all over the track on the last turn and after he cut of War of Will (the Preakness winner) twice Saez jostled Max back towards the inside rail where he bumps Code of Honour trying to go through that opening. Not so fast says Saez! Any other race he gets disqualified within 2 minutes and is scolded by racing stewards for dangerous riding LOL

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