15 thoughts on “Beginner's Guide to the Different Types of Bets in Horse Racing

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  2. Hey there Weekend Handicapper✌🏾 Great content❗👌🏾 I have 2 questions for ya❗
    1) Is it possible to make somewhere around $100 – $200/day or more with horse picks, and how do I go about doing that?
    2) Have you heard of a guy named Mike Lane and his ebook he has called "Oldest System on the Planet👀"? If so, what do you think of that?🤔

  3. Always love your vids, you have an obvious knowledge for horse playing and I respect your opinions. But…I'm in Cleveland and sad for no Ohio Derby video, lol. I like the 1, 8 and maybe the 10 underneath

  4. Hey bro I’m listening with Bluetooth headphones but I only hear sound on one side. I just checked with music and they both work….maybe the audio didn’t upload right. Just a heads up. First video that’s done this.

  5. Thanks. This was very helpful to me especially with the graphics. Glad I subscribed, you've been a valuable resource and helped me collect way ahead with my small bankroll.

  6. I am new to the game of horse handicapping and betting. I have been through a roller coaster over the last several months. I have tried several strategies from straight to exotics. I have found that on money back promotions for 2nd and third I have done well but the risk is low. I am not a big money player so I have found it to be more profitable to play exactas tri's and superfectas. If I see a horse that has an almost guarentee to win I look for long shots that might have the potential to get into the money and play trifectas and supers with those outliers. Not every race is a good race to play supers and tri's. If the the probable horses finish in the top 3 or 4 those bets aren't going to pay diddly. I was on a loosing streak for a while and Saturday I was down to my last seven bucks had been tacking it easy for a week or so. I found a race that it looked like it was a sure thing for the favorite but the long shot looked to be in good form. I played the long shot at 1st through 4th position with different combinations of horses though out including the favorite at 1st and second place. I also did a couple exacta boxes. The morning line favorite took 1st of course but my longshot took second and a couple good paying horses toke 3rd and 4th . I hit $444 on the super and $67 on the exacta. I was about to be done till my trip to the Indiana derby but now I have money to play with till then and I bought stuff for the garden with the profits. You have to look at the horses that are outliers to win big on exotics, more often than not you will loose but that is why this is gambling.

  7. Hey Weekend Handicapper, When is it best to make an Exacta bet vs a Trifecta bet. Do you have any videos talking about the best way to structure bets? Great content!!

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