40 thoughts on “Win Every Game You Bet On in The NBA With This Strategy

  1. So I placed a bet for 10$ and got 200$ bonus free bet and the 100$ free bet for referral and I used those 2 free bets and won them both but when I tired to withdraw it told me I can’t because I can’t with drawls bonus our how does this work I’m so confused

  2. Yea there’s some points that I’m confused about when you say less of -3 do you mean more negative ex. -4, -6.5 etc or do you mean less of a difference like -2 or -1 also with this strategy when should we buy for both when it’s +120 and higher or what?

  3. you can use this strategy at any point during a game, preferably earlier in a game to give the chance of a streak happening. problem is that you might not get a favorable situation to actually do this especially if the favorite pulls away which many times they do. cute idea but not sustainable for longevity.

  4. Hey I dont understand. If you were to stake $100 on each and one wins, dont you lose $100 plus the potential profit on the losing team?

  5. That shit that stand out to me…….

    Vanderbilt ML

    Florida International
    over 163.5 (only)

    South Alabama +6

    over 145 (only)

    Purdue -16.5

    Fairleigh Dickinson -8.5

    Coppin St
    over 156.5 (only)

    UNC Wilmington ML

    Iowa St -24.5

    UC Riverside ML
    & over 132.5

    New Mexico +9.5
    & over 137.5

    Orlando Magic 🪄 +6

    Washington Wizards +5.5
    & under 229.5

    San Antonio Spurs ML
    & over 229.5

    Memphis Grizzlies
    over 231 (only)

    Toronto Raptors -3

    Chicago Bulls +5.5

    New York Rangers
    over 6.5 (only)

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    over 6.5 (only)

    Edmonton Oilers -1.5

  6. I think that’s why he’s saying you have to pick games that have a spread of -3 or less. Because if so majority of the time the game is going to be close depending on how the first quarter goes. You have to watch it live in order to get a flow of the game. You can’t choose any game with a large spread like -7 and up or your chances are slim to none. He basically saying you will have better chances with having both teams as underdogs if the spread is no greater than 3 vs games with larger spreads.

  7. Your strategy makes no sense. Your winner at the end has to be enough to cover the money you put down on the team that lost. You would have to get at least +200 on the team that actually wins just to cover your loss on the team that lost. Basic math fool!!

  8. This is the worst thing ever do not take this man’s advice. Operating under the assumption that it’s just inevitable that both teams will be dogs is outrageous. Not to mention you’re eating the vig for two bets versus one. There are plenty of games where a team gets to a big lead and holds it all game and the other guys never become plus money. If you have a +145 bet and they then become a favorite you should just hold onto it because you have a bet with positive EV. Paying another 4.5% is absurd. If this was a real strategy he’d keep it to himself

  9. Sundays Best "night cap" 🥃

    NCAAM College 🏀

    Montana St ML

    Yale -21
    & over 133.5

    St Mary's -8
    & over 119.5

    E.Washington +6.4
    & over 143.5

    CS Fullerton ML
    & over 136.5

    NBA 🏀

    Utah Jazz ML
    & under 218.5

    Chicago Bulls ML
    & over 232.5

    Sacramento Kings ML
    & under 237

    LA Lakers +5
    & under 218

    NFL 🏈
    San Diego Chargers +8.5
    & over 45.5

  10. My preferred sportsbook sets the pregame odds for the 'dogs at 10/11 so if you bet 50 you'll win around 95 (45 profit) which if course doesn't even cover the second stake of 50. The second stake would/could pay more if you caught it at the peak when the odds are shifting around on a set spread but the point is its designed so that you will still make a small loss if the secondary bet doesn't come in. So using that sportsbook (which is the most generous for odds) for pregame bets on a + spread wouldn't really work in that way you're suggesting, however if you wait for the game to start and then bet in-play when the favorites go 3 or 5 points clear at the start of the 1st, you can actually get better odds like 1/1 or 21/20 momentarily. So it would be better to wait until the game starts and place your first bet on the dog when they go a few behind and then wait for things to swing around then light up the new underdog with the best odds you can get. Using multiple sportsbooks hasn't fixed this problem for me because, as I say, the best odds are on that sportsbook almost usually always unless one of the others are doing some kinda special.

  11. Exactly…. I’m guessing here, but im thinking that this strategy would probably work best if you can get both sides at ATLEAST +150? That way when you bet an underdog and they never come back you only need to be correct on 2 games…. I’m thinking if your doing this strategy at +125 for both sides, then you would have to get 5 games right just to see a small profit….

  12. I've always thought about this strategy, but wouldn't blindly do this. I think its worth looking through data to understand what the long term expected value is. How often do 3-3.5 underdogs become the favorites at any point in the game and does this out profit the frequency at which the underdogs DONT become favorites at any point. The other question would be is what is the expected + money value that would net you the most profit. Do we hedge at +120, +110, +140, etc? Definitely need a well defined system, but I like the thought.

  13. How is this profit tho?
    100ea team
    1st team +145= $145
    2nd team +120 = $$120
    Say 2nd team wins u still lost $80 lol
    Total spent is $200 and you only won $120

  14. I turned $20, into $122 Monday with 4 games only. I bet only over/under live totals. KEY: fade the games with 80% of money on over/under, same when one team getting 80% of the spread. I dont know how folks bet without the info. Vegas also sees what % of money is on player props. I then stalk those lines live. I can see momentum swings, situations ,subs, fouls, +/- . Then I can make my bet confidently. Also can hege the straight bet with alternate line.

  15. So even if the under dog is losing by 3 points after the first quarter still put in $100 for the +140 underdog , but what if the underdog never becomes the favorite, and the favorite never becomes the underdog for the rest of the game ?

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