45 thoughts on “Which Slot Machine To Play To Win At Casino Betting $5 Spins

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  2. Glad to see this channel. Cant even afford those bets sometimes. You must be bored. Dont ever act like that. Luv to watch you. I am a gambler top 5 dollar spin mostly 2.25.

  3. We heard last week in Vegas because you lots over $400,000.00 this year and you are down a lot , you don't have anymoney to play in high limite, everyone knows you are going bankrup, and your income is all from youtube, the second youtube channel can bring you some edition money …you did put all your money and family in high risk , you truly need to go to rehab for gambling addiction……..

  4. Does anyone out there know if NG slots gives out prize giveaways to his youtube subscribers and if he reaches out to them via telegram? Im just double checking in case theres any possible scammer using NGs name to scam his subscribers?

  5. @NGSLOTS: respectfully there are already channels devoted to small dominations. Makes no sense to work so hard to acquire a following on one channel to create a channel that will take away from your amazing wins that few channels can duplicate. In the end you will establish a following on whatever you decide to do but the channel will never duplicate your original channel.

  6. NG, I really like the new channel. Can you talk about how much the games will pay max on the lower type of bets. Which machines typically pay out better with lower bets. Can you win Majors and Grand Jackpots on a $5 bet?

  7. Love your high limit NG. This is very interesting with you playing at a lower denomination. However, it may become extremely boring for you. To make it more fun and enjoyable for yourself, I suggest playing it fast 'Rapid Fire'.

    When I play lower denoms, I get WAY more bonuses with rapid and it's fun, not only for me but those around me. Enjoy! πŸ‘πŸΏ

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