22 thoughts on “Two of the Worst Ways to Bet Exactas in Horse Racing

  1. Horse racing is a bad bet , the take out is so much. If you want to gamble and actually win more often , pick another game. It's fun to bet horses , but no one wins in the end, unless they hit a life changing pick 6.

  2. Biggest factor in exacta betting us how many horses are in a race. Say you play 3 horses in a box that are 9-5, 2-1, & 5-2 . If there's only 5 horses in a race the $1 exacta with 2 favorites is probably only paying $6 or $7. A $10 box cost $60. If it comes in youre lucky to make $10 profit. If there's 8,9 or 10 horses or more there are more combinations to be played & spread the exacta pool out a little more so that similar exacta as far as the win odds are concerned will pay a lot more than the 5 horse race. So in that case, you can play a $10 exacta box that costs you $60 & if it pays $12 you doubled your money. If it pays more than $15 which it could a lot of the time then you made a nice score! Moral of the story is there's a time & a place for a 3 horse exacta box. Most tracks show you the exacta will pays next to the odds so pay attention to that to determine if the exacta is worth the investment. A lot of the time it sure is. A great example is the Kentucky Derby. With 20 horses, even if the 2 big favorites come in it will pay great! I don't think I ever seen an exacta in the derby pay less than $30!

  3. When I started doing exactas (with $2 bets) I'd average $40 gross profit at the end whether I won 2 -4 exacta wins. I'd say that is the best an average person will do, so if you do "boxes" there is no profit to be had. But I've graduated to Trifectas because the profits are way better and not any harder than doing exactas.

  4. I agree with most of what you said but you take a very long time to explain it. Often repeating the same thing over and over.. I subscribe but for me to to have 22 minutes to just sit and listen is almost impossible. And and I think that's true of most people.. I think if you're going to get more subscribers you gotta make 10 minute videos. Hopefully positive advice advice. I know you enjoy racing and betting and keep up the good work.

  5. He is wrong in saying the most logical horses are the ones best most. A good handicapper waits for when the logical horse is not bet! Thus a box exacta can be a very good bet.

  6. It takes money to make money..BOX,BOX,BOX…watch the possible exacta's payouts…saver with your longshot: have him boxed with short price horse,,then 5.00 straight ticket with your lobster 2nd !

  7. One of the best times to bet and even box ex. is when a top trainer, Pletcher, Brown for example dropping a horse way down into cheap claimers. Most the time the horse will be bet favorite and not even hit the board.

  8. I always select.the horse & wheel it with all the other horses .I've done pretty well except when Max security was. Disqualified, placed 17th for interference & a 65 to 1 Longshot won .
    What,s your opinion on that rCe being the first time a K.D.horse was Disqualified?

  9. If I see 2 horses that I really like but are low odds and know the exacta won't pay much, I'll play a super with those 2 first and second, and then wheel and deal the 3rd and 4th place finishers. A small bet can be quite rewarding if the bottom 2 go off at big odds, especially in a full field.

  10. I am a pick 3, pick 4, pick 5 , pick 6 bettor. However I do place exacta bets when I see that a couple of my selections are likely to go off at 5/1 or higher. If you see a vulnerable favourite this provides especially good value.

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