36 thoughts on “The Lukas Classic Stakes 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

  1. I loved the fact that Rich Strike was closer to the pace. He moved in front of Charlie just a touch early allowed Charlie to come back at him. Rich Strike is no joke though!

  2. Dear all this is hearod matchem DARLEY ARABIAN it's a da the jockey on rich strike won the race just keep rich strike exactly where himself is its needed to fire the jockey establish a wonderful jockey in whomever and rich strike becomes horse of the year not this year next year a horse winning the Kentucky Derby in rich strike the best 3 year old o r otherwise the Kentucky. Has no value also the so called handicappers imaginatory doodle of noncence exemplified gimmicks a scam Shananagins just saying fair well stay well be well thank you

  3. Rich Strike Sure Likes Churchill Downs…This Was Such a Tough Loss for Him…Art Collector is a Horse That Wins a Lot of Races but Always Backs up Against Legit Fields

  4. Yeah that jockey on Rich strike is horrible.. if Reed wants to keep the respect that he deserves, not only on the back stretch but being a Kentucky Derby winning trainer, the fans would love to back him also. If he wants to get that respect back he needs to change jockeys immediately.. enough is enough. That jockey is garbage.

  5. Sony should been disqualified and place 4th behind happy saver for using right hand only st Churchill he can run or perhaps they let him use something to pretend he’s no fluke.

  6. It was hard to root for a winner in the stretch. I've loved Hot Rod for a long time but I admire Rich Strike for his Kentucky Derby win. Glad Hot Rod got a different jockey. He doesn't win anymore with Prat. Congrats Charlie! 😊

  7. Exciting race. Fantastic performance by Hot Rod Charlie. And for Rich Strike, I got an impression that this horse is no fluke. Winning the Roses against 20 horses is no joke. You can't be lucky by passing all the other horses. This is telling me that this baby got something. Nothing against the present rider but I think it is time to think big about this horse. It is a business that deal with time and money. It is time to switch to an experienced top rider. I would suggest any of the Ortiz brothers or the top jockeys at the West.

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