20 thoughts on “Summit1g Comes Up With NEW BETTING STRATEGY & Bets All Of His Casino Heist Earnings!

  1. I thought a real strat was thought up by Sum haha… I don't gamble ingame or in real life if talking about money, but once started to think about what my approach would be, and my lil bro website designer build a online test roulette thingy and found out my strat had to indeed work.

    He said this has to be thought of before, so we google and stumble on "The Martingale System" Only I said look at how big your stack of money is, make sure you can lose like 20 rolls to be safe, and instead of just "The Martingale System" every time you lose put whatever amount extra ontop of it consistently, and take those numbers into consideration each loss, so that once you do hit the red or black (the one color you keep betting on until it hits) you don't just get to get all your cash back and have a fresh start, no now you would also have a guarantee profit.

    So in short : Keep betting the 1 color, increase every bet with the previous betting amount of money lost + a consistent extra amount of money of your choice (how big is your stack, can you lose 20 rolls in a row?) and simply wait for that color to hit and keep up with the math = win.

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