31 thoughts on “Sports Betting: You WILL Win Using This Simple Strategy (Value Betting/Advantage Betting)

  1. If i use only pinnacle as guide and if I see value bet on betfair exchange and only if I place bets on betfair exchanges or other exchanges will I in long term be in profit? I know that betfair exchange are also sharp or are they? Thank for your help

  2. Pls sir I love and appreciate ur teachings and videos, pls sir can you explain to me how to find the juice, and also are we betting on the juice or odds. Thank you Sir and God Blesses your wisdom and Knowledge. Love you

  3. How do you know the 2.07 ( inverted to 2.15) is the real odd? It could have been the 2.21 inverted to 2.23 if you choose BetinAsia. How do you know which odds are the real world fair odds? Why did you choose Pinnacle as your starting point?

  4. Thank you so much for the video sir..
    I would be glad if you can give me clarification on the inverted where you got 97.50%.
    I'd appreciate your prompt response.. Thank you in advance

  5. I've just got some figures for you and the audience: player 1 6.27 player 2 1.13 and another is player 1. 1.77 and player 2 2.09 (decimal system) Would you be kind enough to explain this… thanks for all your great sharing!!

  6. 17 years of professional sports betting and I only chased ONE TIME !! I tell everyone that if you didn’t place the bet at the beginning of the day why you place it at the end of the day. Weakness cost people money so does EGO’s

  7. danke,sehr gute arbeit,habe viel gelernt.wie ist das inplay? wenn ich die pinnaccle quote schlage nach demselben prinzip,müsste auch positiv enden oder? besten danke,machen sie weiter so

  8. Thanks so much for your video,but sorry i have a question. If you are given odds 2.37, 3.57 and 2.76, what is the best odd to pick,because am so confused when the 100% odds are greater than that of the juiced odds😑

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  10. Very accurate and true video unfortunately you failed to mention with online accounts you will either be banned or severely restricted if you continue to keep betting at positive EV,the only way around this is to bet in the shops or with the exchanges.
    Bookmaker's hate winners and punters who consistently take the value….

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