43 thoughts on “My All Time BEST Comeback Slot Win! (Las Vegas Gambling At Its FINEST 👀👇🏽)

  1. Regrets are there to forget. We know how you feel. As long as we are makings steps in life and recognizing a problem. Then we'll be better humans to ourselves and our surroundings.

    In Holland, people are suing Pokerstars massively. Our documentary speaks for itself we hope. In German and Austria, people are doing the same with succes. https://youtu.be/fh-CqKbbuHQ

  2. I noticed that slot machine was glowing different colors compared to the one on the right which was just glowing red as soon as you walked up to it. Either randomized or a clue for jackpot for next lucky player. Nice win y’all. 😎

  3. Hi Shonta, that's why I don't comment anymore. I always received an email pretending he was Pompsie. But I still follow them and watched their you tube videos.

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