21 thoughts on “How To Bet On Sports – A Complete Beginners Guide to Straight Bets and Parlays in 2022

  1. I'm here after losing over $850 on a $1400 pay out betting on Atletico Madrid (+65 win prediction) vs Rayo Vallecano with the ref giving Rayo a pen with 1 min left in extra time +91 mins. They scored the penalty and drew 1-1 😭

  2. Finally some one gets it! If you don't know what your doing you will not want to do it again. That's what I been saying, why is explaining betting so hard you just did it and you did a great job too.

  3. i wanna bet on nba games. can i bet on this kind of options like..for example if there is the a team vs b team 208.5 over(odds 1.95) under(odds 1.95) , i wanna bet on over 213.5(odds 2.85) 214.5(odds 2.95) 215.5 (3.1)…… is it possible?

  4. Zach can you teach me all the different things about betting on the NFL and the different football games I'm still a beginner I used to work for the NFL I was also the judge that took the NFL into bankruptcy

  5. Can you do a video on how to understand your statement on draft kings, I won't to know if I'm winning or losing? Know I probably should crazy 🀯

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