23 thoughts on “How Do NFL Betting Odds Work?

  1. So +4 means the team is expected to lose by 4? Then the ML(money line) is positive then betting 100 gets back whatever that number is, but if it is negative then it means if you bet 100 this is what you get back.

  2. I'm kinda sorta get it so if there's a negative next to a football team I should bet money because that team has more chances of winning? how about when it has a positive sign next to the team? how high the number gotta be for a sure bet?

  3. Yo geek…I've got the jyst of it but can break down parleys? Like lets say a 3 game parley? Like how much laid and won and how do the odds and spreads etc factor in.do u just pick 3 winners or have be 3 beaters of spread winners? What's the pay out say on 100 bones 3 game parley is that 300 won or do odds of each game influence it so there is no set formula due to varying of spreads or odds? Can u break it down like talkin to children please??

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