30 thoughts on “Gambling $2,000 on Blackjack in a Vegas Casino

  1. Vegas shufflers are rigged for full tables btw just so everyone is aware. Don't ask me who I know. Just a heads up. Las Vegas is rigged by the mafia and paid off. They own it all. Even the people checking everything. If its not a full table you have a way better chance of winning.

  2. The only suggestion I would make is to ask the dealer if surrender is available. Not sure about this place but there are some off strip casinos that have that rule. You had a few stiff hands where that would have been the best play.

  3. idk why people play blackjack its like a waste of time you never never win its just back and fourth and most probably you loosing all your money espically when you start getting fustrated you start adding up your hand thats where it gets more worse

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