38 thoughts on “Group of friends hits a $3.6 MILLION DOLLAR roulette spin

  1. I dont believe it. They didn't have the marker on the chips. The dealer was pulling chips already without marking it or calling over the pit. Doesn't add up.

  2. They look very suspicious. The Casino should do at least 4 background checks and check the cameras in the casino to see if there was any foul play from their friends

  3. This is not even a million dollar hit. Yes its a nice hit but not even close to a million. Roulette is usually only a max bet of 200 on a inside number which pays 7000. In high limit private tables occasionally they will allow u to go upwards but its rare to even be allowed a 1000 inside bet. Which would be 35000. I have played all over and won and lost millions of dollars playing roulette its a nice win but not a million yet alone millions

  4. actually…I call bullshit.. what casino allows $100,000 wagers in roulette in 1st place???? & even if all 5 or 6 of them threw 15-20k each they would still haftu be playing $1,000 chips for that to be a 100k on 5… 😐??? yea i call bullshit. thats higher stakes roulette than anywhere in the world…..
    I would believe that they bet $1,000 on 5 and hit for $36,000 and they titled it 3.6M for click bait..
    that would still be my reaction if i was them & still cool to watch

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